Treviso, the first Smart City in Northern Italy

Thanks to our system and to a proper implementation of the mobility strategy, Treviso is the most award-winning Smart City in Italy.

Treviso, the example of a city on a human scale

Treviso is a town which has embarked on a large and targeted technological transformation aimed at improvement of social life and for this reason it has been awarded nationally and internationally.

⭕️ Manage all parking areas in the town centre.

⭕️ Reduce the time that the staff assigned to the inspection devoted to marking the traffic ticket.

⭕️ Provide useful information to drivers to decrease the parking search times.

They were installed over 2600 auto sensors with 56 parking meters and 161 sensors dedicated to the loading and unloading pitches.

The system also includes the ability to manage the payment with SMS and App.

⭕️ Thanks to precise occupancy data, the system indicates the number of free seats in each area on any terminal and tells the control staff what the vehicles are in violation.

⭕️ Since the launch of the system has noticed an increase of 14.3% in revenues.

⭕️ The Municipality was also able to modulate the rates to optimize system performance. It verified that there was a drop in payments at the last hour of the rate.

⭕️ The Municipality has thus decided to reduce the minimum payment to 30 minutes. The average ticket amount decreased from € 1,73 to € 1,55 but the number of tickets issued has increased from 131.000 to 161.000.


➡️ By keeping unchanged the number of available parking places, we offered more permits to residents, without an increase of the issued sanctions, decreasing the minimum charge and making accessible the resting place in the city centre.

➡️ Thanks to this solution, the Municipality has decided to block the construction of an expensive underground car park in one of the town squares, which would have created discomfort for citizens for more than two years.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.