Urban and suburban traffic planning in doctrine and legislation”

“The problem of traffic congestion is the main consequence of the lack of parking spaces.

While the school of thought that we have called ecologist cares about traffic only to contain air, atmospheric and acoustic pollution, but above all atmospheric, the current that we define technique focuses on the two aspects that characterize the city traffic: parking and fluidity“.

In this book, Eligio Melandri illustrates the traffic problem, binding it closely to the parking spaces.

From point A to point B

It starts “from the assumption that the vehicle is used to reach point B starting from point A, it means to reach from the ‘parking’ space of point A to the ‘parking’ space of point B.

If this is the purpose, it is quite evident that the stop at the points A and B is not necessary to the movement, but is the main function and the movement is secondary. Additionally, if you calculate the time the car is moving and the one in which it is stationary, you realize that the second is much higher than the first one.

It is the high number of existing vehicles that creates the traffic congestion, not the average time of movement of each vehicle. Who moves must overcome the distance between the starting point and the ending point. The suitability to satisfy this need in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost is the limited extent of the validity of a transport system”.

“Based on these principles, it can be safely say that there is no solution to the traffic jam if it is not solved the problem of where and how private vehicles must be parked, for short intervals of time and for long periods”.

The rules of the parking

“This current believes that the non-compliance of parking rules is, if not the only, certainly the main cause of urban congestion.

The car in double and triple row, at intersections or in any case not only where parking is prohibited but also where, while being permitted, it constitutes a narrowing of the carriageway, it subtracts space for circulation.

Making it difficult, and sometimes impossible, circulation, lengthen travel times with significant economic damages and the consequent degradation of life in cities”.



  • Publisher: Halley (31st of July 2004)
  • Series: Proposte Halley
  • Language: Italian
  • ISBN-10: 8875890269
  • ISBN-13: 978-8875890261

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