Touristic bus permits

Today with Smart Parking Systems® it is possible to integrate, manage and assign digitally the permits for touristic buses.

Advanced services for touristic buses
Municipalities can increase revenues up to 40% thanks to efficient and precise control and management systems. Through a digitalized system for bus permits management.

Online permission booking & selling

Through the use of web payment systems and Mobile App users can pay with a virtual wallet all the services related to bus permits.


Access control

By integrating or merging data from entrance and exit gates, managing authorities can verify the circulation of certified vehicles.


Parking control

With the management software (called POLIS), the municipality officers have an excellent tool for the planning and management activities related to mobility and structures where parking buses are handled.

Mobility planning

The management software POLIS offers structured data interfaces that allow administrators to better organize mobility strategies based on parking data and inbound and outbound traffic flows.


The components of the system


It is buried under every kind of road surface and it is precisely set in order to give accurate information in real time about parking lot status free or busy.


Cameras for the smart parking inspection activities on each parking bay represent a technological evolution in order to face the new urban necessities.

Mobile App

4Bus integrated App Mobile allows to manage payments, booking and authorization for touristic buses. It can also drive the user to the parking lot.


Where the data are collected and shared with other peripherical, through radio communication networks that use alternative communication protocols.


Management software which processes data in real time making them available on any type of terminal for use and consultation by stakeholders.
⭕️ An advanced system composed of a series of hardware and software peripherals that allows to merge mobility data for a better vehicle recognition and authorization.

⭕️ Integration of third-party hardware and software solutions, if already present.

⭕️ Control and management dashboard for all the real time activities connected to mobility services.

⭕️ Mobile App and Web App for online authorizations, requests, bookings and payments.

⭕️ Mobile App data and touristic offices database integration.

✅ All administrative and executive staff has full control in real time of the activities related to the management of permits thanks to the integration of data gathered from sensors, cameras and ZTL (Limited Traffic Zones) access points.

✅ A tool able to report any irregularity through notifications and alerts, mapping the areas in which they occurred.

✅ Release of automated permits through the Mobile App, merged with data connected to the tourism office or municipality databases.

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Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.