TrevisoApp: the smart parking App in Treviso

From 1st of July TrevisoApp, the Smart Parking Systems® App created by Intercomp, will be active. It will add an important innovative element to the current smart parking system in use in Treviso.

In 2010 Treviso was awarded the title of “First European smart city”, thanks to the use of a technology capable of organizing parking activities and processes for the benefit of the city’s economy, the environment and social well-being.

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Alessandro Manera – Councillor for Environmental Policies and Smart City

“It is one of the most important revolutions presented so far because it will allow Treviso to have its own Parking App, which will be constantly enriched with new features”.

Luca Ciscato – Intercomp Project Manager

“TrevisoApp was created to manage all payments related to parking in Treviso: occasional users, residents, business owners and in the future also other types of subscriptions”.

Andrea De Checchi – Deputy Mayor

It will be easier to park, without wasting time: TrevisoApp not only highlights the free places but takes you there. Merchants will be able to extend parking payments to their customers, fostering the development of the city’s economic sector”.

Source: TrevisoToday

Treviso smart city

There are many concrete effects found in Treviso with the introduction of Smart Parking Systems®, including:

  • reduction of the hourly rate from € 1.73 to € 1.55 thanks to the increase in the number of tickets issued, with the Municipality being able to incentivize the use of the car park and redistribute to citizens the advantages of the wealth obtained;
  • first “MumCard” subscription (parking lots reserved for mothers) and consequent increase in permits dedicated to specific social categories;
  • payment of parking from each parking meter and via SMS, when smartphones were not yet technologically advanced like now.

➡️ Today, however, an equally important event took place: Treviso Administration, led by the Mayor Mario Conte, decided to implement the smart parking mobile application, TrevisoApp.

It is an extremely innovative choice, made by the current City Council which strongly believes in the project undertaken in 2009 and wants to strengthen it with a visionary choice.

The use of TrevisoApp will bring enormous benefits to the whole urban ecosystem of Treviso:

✅ the App is integrated into Smart Parking Systems® and communicates with all its hardware peripherals;

✅ TrevisoApp will allow the user to pay for the real parking time, without any kind of intermediation;

✅ the driver will be driven to the parking space, allowing him to choose the fastest route and reducing the environmental impact on the city;

it widens the possibility of adding virtual subscriptions to meet specific urban needs (protected categories, recharging bays for electric cars, …).

The innovations introduced by TrevisoApp

The smartphone application was customized specifically for the city of Treviso, starting from 4Park and will be available on Apple Store and Google Play from the 1st of July.

✅ It will be possible to pay for an occasional stop through the credit card, without the need of registration by the user.

✅ Following a simple guided procedure, it is possible to create and reload virtual TimeCards, a type of subscription that can be used to pay for time-based parking. In this way it will be possible to activate and deactivate the payment at the beginning and at the end of the stop.

✅ TrevisoApp will also be able to manage multiple payment titles. For example, a family can manage multiple vehicles (even those used by their children) from a single account, even in the case of a “Resident” subscription or an “Operator” subscription.

Multiple subscriptions will bring further advantages: a doctor’s office or a professional may, for example, use TrevisoApp with multiple TimeCards to offer payment for parking to their patients or clients. The latter will only have to remember the parking number occupied by his vehicle.

This is one of the many social objectives that Treviso municipality wants to achieve with TrevisoApp: it is an extremely flexible system that can be exploited to provide useful services to citizens, responding quickly to social needs and showing great closeness to the population.

Residents or business owners within the historic centre could obtain a subscription and one (or more) TimeCards, to park in the areas enabled to subscribers and in central areas reserved to rotation (where subscriptions are not allowed).

✅ Starting from July 1st, the TimeCard will be introduced while, later, the “Residents” and “Operators” subscriptions will be available, with the possibility for the Municipality to enable, in agreement with the parking manager, other types of subscription.

✅ All Treviso subscribers will be able to use TrevisoApp to record their parking, instead of the current smartcard at the parking meter or SMS and will be able to request a code via SMS to associate the existing subscription to TrevisoApp, with the modalities that will be communicated in the coming weeks.

The mobility revolution

For the Mayor Mario Conte the App is a further step forward to reach the mobility revolution, a fixed point of the Municipality of Treviso, together with the launch of projects capable of improving movements, significantly reducing stress for people, pollution and city traffic.

For the Deputy Mayor Andrea De Checchi, it is also a revolutionary measure regarding parking, able to improve urban mobility, at the same time enhancing the economic context of Treviso.

According to the Councillor for Environmental Policies and Smart City Alessandro Manera, TrevisoApp will be able to make Treviso a full-fledged smart city, guaranteeing citizens a series of useful services within a smartphone reach, connecting them directly with the Municipality.

The optimization of the route for the search for parking, continues Manera, will also lead to significant improvements in favour of the environment and the quality of life.

Smart Parking Systems®

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