Great success at the Smart Mobility World Fair

It ended with a great success the Smart Mobility World Fair which was held on 10 and 11 October at the Lingotto in Torino, Italy.

During the Fair, considered the most important European event with regard to sustainable, digital and integrated mobility, topics related to the evolution of transport and related technologies were treated, in addition to the latest news on the world of smart cities.

Our participation has attracted a lot of interest from the present audience, very impressed by the great innovation that our solution represents in the world of Smart Parking.

What we presented

At the Fair we presented in detail our Smart Parking Systems solution in all its components, through the three main steps through which it develops:

⭕️ Collected data are sent from the sensor, parking meter and App. The sensor allows for detailed information relating to the single parking lot, the parking meter provides data related to payment, subscriptions and cards, while the 4Park App drives the user to the free place, allowing him to perform many functions;

⭕️ ELABORATION, which is essentially done by the central server through the management software, real control center. All data are processed and managed in a way that can be used from who interacts with the system;

⭕️ Analysis, in which the data is returned to the Municipality for the monitoring of receipts as well as to have real-time control, to the company that manages the parking lot for the practice management system, to the inspectors in order to be able to prepare immediate checks and users to be able to do all the operations which will enable them to park in a simple and practical way.

Our considerations

Participation in trade fairs such as Smart Mobility World allows us to understand the situation relating to the issues of international mobility.

The focus on the intelligent management of mobility is very high, but perhaps the “problem” of the parking lot and parking is not adequately developed to achieve a higher level of efficiency and practicality.

Anyway, all the stakeholders who are gravitating around a city parking system are necessarily involved and should have great interest in the improvement and the achievement of high standards:

➡️ Municipalities have an interest in the payment by all and sustainable management of traffic;

➡️ the company that manages the on-street parking has an interest in having a tool to fully manage the parking system;

➡️ the inspectors are interested in having a product that allows them to carry out checks in a targeted manner and without waste of time;

➡️ users have interest in having a system that guarantees to park easily and to have a more organized city and a cleaner environment.

Our intervention

During the Fair we had the opportunity to make a speech where we presented our solution specifying the benefits and the innovative capacity representing a smart mobility level.

It has been an important occasion to make our Smart Parking Systems even more known, a solution that is receiving great awards and great interest internationally.

➡️ Watch the video with our presentation.

Smart Parking
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