Smart Parking Systems® sensors in New Caledonia

The first Smart Parking Systems® sensor test installation in New Caledonia, together with Axians Fibrelec.

Our parking system has arrived on the other side of the world
New Caledonia is a territory that includes about twelve islands in the South of the Pacific Ocean. The capital, Nouméa, is in the southwestern side and includes almost 100 thousand inhabitants.

⭕️ An intelligent parking system to perform a test on some parking bays in Nouméa, to be eventually extended to other areas of the capital.

⭕️ Use of the LoRaWAN® protocol to connect the components of the system.

⭕️ The installation of a reliable management software for the complete control of the entire system.


✅ We have installed together with Axians Fibrelec 10 Smart Parking Systems® sensors that have been regularly buried in the area chosen for the test.

✅ Our system can easily communicate using LoRaWAN® communication protocol.

✅ We have provided our POLIS management software, able to process data in real time and to make them available for consultation and use by stakeholders.

Some images of the installation
The place chosen to perform the test, where our sensors were buried.
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