Smart Parking Systems® land in Pafos


Smart Parking Systems® land in Pafos (Πάφος – Baf): the perseverance and quality within the actions we have put in place has been rewarded with the victory of the international competition in Pafos, Cyprus, for the installation of our smart parking system.

This has shown us an important signal, touching several significant aspects.

Recovery, finally

The smart parking sector, during this historical phase characterized by the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the consequent mobility limitations, has suffered slowdowns in most of the projects that were about to start last year.

➡️ Paid parking has become free and all the funds and forces of our administrations have rightly focused on the emergency situation that we are still experiencing today.

➡️ Despite the uncertainties of the period, the fact that Pafos municipality decided to embark on a technological development path is a great sign, which denotes the constant need of our administrations to look toward the future aiming of improving it.

➡️ On the other hand, it is equally important that the work of operators, technicians and administrators has never stopped: despite the emergency, it has been decided to organize a path, hire professionals and collect competences for a sustainable future in the city.

Relationships produce value

The consolidated strategic partnership with InnTeNet, our local distributor, has produced a great result after a very short time and above all during a particularly chaotic historical moment. The value of this victory, beyond the technological quality, lies within the relationship cultivated with InnTeNet, demonstrating that the ability to transmit skills and tools allows the talent and professionalism of individuals to make a difference. The great merit is right here, in this relationship, in the trust placed and in the support between professionals.

➡️ During the last few years, several new realities have emerged and are emerging in the world of smart parking solutions: those who have specialized in product niches and those who instead want to take a systemic approach.

➡️ Often in Italy and in the world, we have found ourselves faced with new names and solutions, but we have always tried to give our best, with a group of professionals projected towards understanding and resolving new needs. In fact, during this pandemic year, we have worked to develop futuristic technologies that will further streamline the parking process and activities. We will have the pleasure of sharing with you all and everyone who is going to attend the next online and in-person events such as Intertraffic 2022.

The project

Smart Parking Systems® land in Pafos (in Greek Πάφος, in Turkish Baf), an ancient port city at the western end of Cyprus. It is a municipality of over 30,000 inhabitants, which generally has a significant increase during the summer. Indeed, during the summer season, tourists who visit Cyprus reach approximately 4 million people and about half of them pass through the town of Pafos. It happens due to its logistical importance, thanks to its hubs of connection by sea and by air.

➡️ The city of Pafos has decided to undertake a large smart parking project achieving the goal of managing 3000 parking spaces through our Smart Parking Systems® solution. This is the largest international installation requested between 2020 and 2021.

➡️ The peculiarity of this project, unlike all those addressed so far, is the need to make payments exclusively by phone: via SMS or with the App. This is most likely a watershed aimed at encouraging the use of multimedia technologies over traditional ones, such as parking meters. 

➡️ Having been selected by the commission for this important technological transformation path was a great achievement for the whole team of professionals and collaborators who participated in this competition by setting continuous development of the technologies and promoting it in Italy and abroad. 


Smart parking will be an increasingly necessary solution in the cities of the future: a great lesson we have learned during this pandemic has certainly been the importance of the environment and the importance of preserving it in the best possible way. Economic, environmental and social sustainability represent a commitment that must be supported today. It is no longer possible to procrastinate, and it is important to look to the future with a far-sighted look, to find Administrations and collaborators who believe in these ideals and who help the spread of a technology that helps to take a further step in the creation of a world based on sustainable behaviours.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.