Smart Parking Systems® in Singapore with Nokia

Smart Parking Systems® reaches one of the most innovative cities in the world. At the invitation of Nokia we participated to an event in which they were presented, in addition to the new Narrow Band network, some advanced applications to make Smart Cities even more efficient.

For several months we have been collaborating with the Finnish telecommunications giant, which is developing technologies around the world to make communication systems increasingly efficient and performing.

➡️ During our collaboration, we have created various international projects and afterwards the successes obtained, Nokia team considered it important to include Smart Parking Systems® in the event attended by important players in the technology sector, along with some members of the Government of Singapore.

What we presented

We have shown our solution through a demo-kit that reproduces the operations in small size and allows to interact in the same way as with the real system. Specifically, it was possible to see some of the main components at work:

  • the Narrow Band sensor, to be buried under the parking lot, which is able to detect the presence of a vehicle and communicate the free/occupied status of the parking bay;
  • the POLIS management software that allows the organization of the system in all its parts, through the visualization of data in real time, precise reports and the sending of alerts in case of violations. All this information is accessible on any device for the authorized parties;
  • App 4Park, which directs users to free parking bays and allows them to pay and manage the stop in a complete way.

What our system can do

In its continuous technological improvement Singapore is looking at various innovative next-generation parking management solutions to complement existing solutions already deployed throughout the city state.

✅ Smart Parking Systems® can complement existing parking solutions to better manage both public and private parking facilities in the city state, ensuring the sustainability of traffic and mobility within the city and helping it to achieve its vision of a smart city, smart nation.

We are proud to share this important milestone, which rewards the efforts of our entire team and confirms once again how our system represents a valuable solution to introduce a new way of living Smart cities.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.