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Smart Parking Systems® in Pafos

An implementation of over 3,000 parking spaces in Cyprus, with the possibility of digital payments via SMS or mobile app.

One of the largest international parking implementations

Pafos is a port city, located at the western end of Cyprus, with over 30,000 inhabitants. During the summer season this number grows enormously, thanks to the tourists who visit the island, of which about half pass through Pafos. The city is also known for the logistical importance of its hubs of connection by sea and by air.

Over 3,000 controlled parking spaces

The city of Pafos has chosen to start a project of considerable size, using our Smart Parking Systems® solution: it is the largest international parking implementation in recent years.

The system manages over 3,000 parking spaces thanks to the installation of buried sensors equipped with LoRaWAN® and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, able to communicate “free” or “occupied” status in real time.

Digital payments

One of the peculiarities of the project implemented in Cyprus concerns the possibility of paying for parking digitally: via SMS or using the Pafos Smart Parking mobile app.

Pafos municipality has in fact chosen to favour and therefore encourage the use of digital technologies over traditional ones, gradually abandoning the existing parking meters.

Pafos Smart Parking: a parking management app 

Smart Parking app

With Pafos Smart Parking mobile app it is possible to fully manage the entire parking process, paying for the effective parking time.

In fact, the user can be guided to the free parking space (the availability is updated in real time) and then pay in an extremely simple way, using the methods provided by the municipality (credit card, e-wallet, authorizations and subscriptions).

Likewise, directly from the smartphone, it is possible to end parking time or extend it as long as necessary.

Pafos Smart Parking therefore allows a whole series of functionalities:

  • real-time update of the status of the parking spaces (“free”/”occupied”);
  • navigation directly to the parking space with Google Maps integration;
  • choice of parking time;
  • simple and immediate payment management;
  • effective parking time charged;
  • use of a rechargeable e-wallet;
  • renewal of parking time;
  • access to the history of parking and charges;
  • push notifications before the parking time expires;
  • payment without an account (with some limitations).
App Pafos Smart Parking


⭕️ A smart parking solution able to manage over 3,000 parking spaces, with the aim of regulating on-street parking within the municipality.

⭕️ Digital payment methods, in order to avoid the use of parking meters.

⭕️ Complete and real-time management of parking data by the municipality.

⭕️ Creation of specific solutions for each type of user category.

⭕️ Integration within the system of some off-street areas.


Sensors with dual technology, LoRaWAN® and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) have been installed under each parking space to be managed, capable of signalling the “free” or “occupied” status.

Digital methods have been chosen for the payment of the parking, via SMS or using the mobile app created specifically for the Municipality of Pafos, to discourage the use of parking meters.

The municipality can manage the smart parking system, thanks to the POLIS management software which allows a complete overview of the data from the sensors, viewable in different ways based on the type of figure involved.

✅ Among the types of payment allowed by the app, the municipality has included a series of authorizations and subscriptions dedicated to different types of users.

✅ The management of some off-street parking areas has been integrated into the smart parking system.

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The key role of collaboration

InnTeNet, distributor of Smart Parking Systems® for Cyprus, has played an essential role in the construction and completion of Pafos implementation, in a historical period of extreme uncertainty.

The close collaboration with InnTeNet for each stage and detail of the project has allowed the achievement of the objectives and the satisfaction of all the needs and requests advanced by Pafos administration.


InnTeNet (INNovative TEchnologies NETwork) is a Cyprus-based company with considerable experience in automation, environmental projects, telemetry and smart city solutions.

Specifically, it deals with technical applications such as smart water supply networks and leak detection, smart city applications, remote control systems and much more.

Some pictures of Pafos implementation

Smart Parking Systems® in Pafos

Below are some image galleries taken at the end of the installation of the sensors, buried under each parking space, and during the inauguration ceremony in the presence of the Cypriot authorities.

“We are among Europe’s strong innovators. Cyprus is one of the most innovative economies in Europe today, a fact that is not well known”.

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