NB-IoT In-Ground Parking Sensors in Dubai, UAE

The first Proof of Concept (PoC) of NB-IoT In-Ground Parking Sensors has been successfully implemented in Dubai for the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA).

In 2017, Dubai has gone ahead with the use of Smart Parking Guidance technologies.

Dubai has settled the use of Smart Parking technologies
Dubai is a key city of the United Arab Emirates and during the last decade has become a major world hub for trade and commerce. Dubai is a pioneer in the implementation of cutting edge technologies and is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. Intercomp is proud to implement the above PoC together with Energy International Trading (LLC) in Dubai, UAE
⭕️ RTA, Dubai is the authority responsible for urban infrastructure in Dubai as part of which, there is a need to optimize the management and effective use of available parking spaces in the city.

⭕️ We have been discussing together with RTA for a while to implement NB-IoT based In-Ground Parking Guidance System that combines high technological capabilities to meet the challenging requirement of a constantly evolving city such as Dubai.

⭕️ Dubai is one of the hottest cities in the world during summer when the temperature of asphalt road surface can reach up to 75°C. A successful PoC implemented here would guarantee the ruggedness and reliability of the devices even during such extreme climatic conditions.


Through a series of tests conducted together with RTA Dubai, ENERGY INTERNATIONAL TRADING (LLC) and ETISALAT, we have successfully implemented the first NB-IoT based Smart Parking Guidance PoC outside RTA offices in Dubai, UAE.

Following a series of tests developed together with various telecommunication technology partners based in the United Arab Emirates, we have managed to exploit the Narrow Band-IoT network that allows the In-Ground Parking Sensors to directly communicate with the backend system without requiring any intermediate component. NB-IoT based Parking Guidance Sensors therefore reduce the points of failure between the In-Ground Parking Guidance Sensors and the backend system.

This is a huge step forward in In-Ground Parking Sensor technology and low-power communication networks with a wide signal frequency range.

Some moments during PoC system implementation
Our Team at work in pictures hereunder shows the step-wise implementation of In-Ground Parking Sensors on a paved surface using a core drilling machine to drill holes to implement the In-Ground Parking Sensors.
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