Benefits for users with Smart Parking Systems

Smart Parking Systems, developed by Intercomp, is a solution that can increase exponentially citizen services related to parking operations.

Our solution has been designed to create collective benefit for all the operators and actors who will start using it, without weighing on citizenship.

User friendly

The POLIS Management Software delivers to the user great benefits when he uses the parking meter functions and when he uses the functions of the App 4Park.

First of all, the user, once he has written the parking place number in the parking meter and executed the payment transaction, no longer has the obligation and the need to return to his car to expose the ticket on the dashboard.

⭕️ The ticket in fact, issued from the parking meter, has exclusively the receipt function and should not be exposed as is the case with conventional systems.

⭕️ The benefit is unquestionable because the user can safely proceed to his destination without further thoughts.

⭕️ In addition, if the regulation provides it, the user can, at expiration time, extend the stop using the guidelines on the ticket, from any parking meters located in any part of the city.

➡️ In fact on the receipt, if provided by the Municipality, it is reported an extension code that allows to continue with the stop by entering the corresponding fee.

➡️ It’s clear the advantage for the user, when he takes more time for his shopping and decided to continue his visit to the city and when he is located away from the car and the parking meter where he made the first payment.

➡️ The Software Management in fact registers the new transaction and makes it available to controllers who are able, in real time, to note the continuation of the payment and then the parking of the car.


The Parking meter also allows the user, if he use a prepaid card payment, to pay for consumption, of course if it’s permitted by the tariff plan.

⭕️ The transaction starts at the time of the arrival with the insertion in the parking meter, of the parking place number and the introduction of the card and closes at the time of departure with the same procedure that, once completed, will record the charge of the exact amount corresponding to the actual parking time with great benefit to the user, who will no longer be afraid of seeing expire the parking place time before his return or to support a payment higher than the actual period of parking.

⭕️ On the parking meter, at the time of arrival, it’s possible to identify if a person is authorized to park into a specific parking lot, or in a specific area, by entering the specific card.

Social benefits

Appropriate cards can indeed be released by the Parking Management Company to residents, subscribers, disable persons, economic entities, for loading and unloading activities, mothers with young children, etc. In this context, the Management Software allows an almost total flexibility.

For example, in the case of residents, it can be provided hourly times where they can pay reduced rates or parking places free of charge.

⭕️ It is possible to allocate specific parking places to a certain group of residents (from the resident street or from the neighborhood) or even to “rent” a single parking place, for a fee, to a specific resident.

⭕️ Other designated parking spaces can be reserved for disabled people who, with a special card, can report their authorized presence on the parking space and make controlling activity easier by limiting it to parking spaces where a disabled person is not identified.

⭕️ In the case of loading and unloading activities, it is possible to authorize specific categories of operators to book the parking space on the website in order to confirm the existence of a free car place in the desired day and time to carry out the delivery or withdrawal activity.

⭕️ For mothers, with young children up to a certain age, the Municipality can release, as an alternative to pink parking places (by their nature limited and not always positioned in the most ideal place for the specific need of every mother) a card that allows free parking for a few hours a day anywhere in the blue parking place without having to support its cost.

➡️ The flexibility of the system is therefore, as shown by these few examples, complete and total and allows to design and introduce highly innovative solutions.

Integrated App 4Park

All functions offered by the parking meter, described above, are accessible directly with the App 4Park. It allows the maximum freedom of movement to the user who is in possess, what we could call a real “virtual parking meter” that he can always carry it with himself.

➡️ Each card in the user possess may in fact be “virtualized”, linking it to his identification, and can therefore be used even if not physically available.

➡️ The user then, through the App, pays for consumption, identifies himself on a parking place as a resident, a subscriber, as a subject belonging to a protected category, as an economic operator, an as authorized mother, etc.

➡️ In addition, the APP allows to receive, directly from the sensor, the parking place number on which is positioned the vehicle.

⭕️ The benefits are evident, for example, for disabled people who are not obliged to search for parking meter to identify themselves but they can be directly recognized based on the number of virtual card inserted in the App.

⭕️ The user can know in real time parking availability in every single way, with the indication of the number of free parking space available.

⭕️ He can then, at any time, identify the way in which it is possible to park and, through the navigation functions, be guided in reaching the selected stop destination.

Benefits for Parking Controllers

Benefits for Parking Managers

Benefits for Municipalities

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.