Benefits for Parking Managers with Smart Parking Systems

The company commissioned by the Municipality to handle the road parking management will consider Smart Parking as an essential tool for determining the success of the management of public spaces.

The area manager to pay parking has, with the Smart Parking Systems, an unparalleled ally which allows him to have all the parking under control, both in terms of operational and financial management, all in real time.

Total payment check from every platform

The POLIS Software Management provides parking information, violation, sanctioning built and revenues, continuously in real time.

It allows comparative analysis of the parking places detection, street, parking meter, area which are subdivided by hour, day, week, month and year.

➡️ It provides essential information to organize the survey activity by indicating the way and time at which parking controllers can maximize their activity in terms of efficiency.

➡️ It also allows to verify the presence of the inspectors on the street places and the correctness of the way undertaken, providing performance statistics and information on the correctness of work.

Total check of resources used for parking management and control

The POLIS Software Management also provides all the necessary information to prepare the cash management and reporting activities of the revenues obtained from the parking meters, in real-time scheduling and cash management activities reporting also receipts from other sources such as the sale of subscriptions, season tickets, recharges and transactions through App.

⭕️ Therefore, the economic and financial management of the parking area is simple and precise.

Alerts and notifications for possible critical issues in some system’s peripheral

At last, the POLIS Management Software provides all the information necessary to control the good functioning of the system components by sending automatic alert messages to the maintenance department.

It’s possible to intervene in an efficient and prepared way, and then relate directly to the appropriate module of the POLIS software, the type of intervention performed and the solution adopted, thus creating a complete database also of this activity, which subsequently may be the object of analysis and control.

⭕️ All these activities will guarantee high levels of operation and coordination of actions required for a correct management of on-street parking.

➡️ In this way it is possible to create a strong synergy between operators of management, in order to adapt the system to the features of a specific city.

Benefits for Parking Controllers

Benefits for Municipalities

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Smart Parking Systems®

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