Benefits for Parking Controllers with Smart Parking Systems

The on-street parking monitoring tool will allow the controllers and the Police Commander to have a complete supervision of the total area and of the parking spaces.

The efficiency of control staff will then be multiplied, facilitating instantaneous identification and having a real-time visibility of the motor vehicles in violation.

Increase of efficiency

The parking control, with the Smart Parking system, becomes extremely simple and efficient. In fact, unlike the classical systems, which require the laborious visual inspection of an exposed ticket on the dashboard, or the verification of a payment with a non-integrated App.

This involves the presence of a special adhesive on the crystal and the on-line verification of the presence of the plate number in the list of payments in progress. The Smart Parking system allows to show the way, without fail, that the controller towards the vehicle in violation.

➡️ In fact, on a handheld unit or on a smartphone, the controller will see, in the street where he is, the cars in violation and parking spaces where a car is present (sensed by the sensor) but for which no payment or authorization is connected to the parking place (resident, subscriber, protected category, etc).

➡️ It will therefore be simple and efficient go directly towards the nearest vehicle reported by the system and increase the sanctions.

Optimisation of activities

The manager or the same controller can identify the ideal way to make the assessment activities as efficient as possible. It will then possible to direct the activities in those areas and in time periods in which the ongoing violations are greater.

⭕️ The same shifts can be organized and programmed in the most efficient business hours, going so to minimize the resources needed to carry out the job and to maximize results.

Reduction of the margin of error

For the manager, it will also be possible to check how much the activity of the controllers was actually scrupulous and accurate, controllers having to relate the reasons for which there was not high sanctions, as in the case in which the vehicle, in potential violation, if a disabled person provided with appropriate authorization, or whether if it is a law enforcement vehicle in service.

⭕️ At any given time, it is possible to check the controller work way, the number of potential sanctions that he could be made, the actual executed and the causes of any differences between the two entries.

➡️ Having a complete control of assessment activities guarantee great efficiency in parking management and consequently an increase of services for citizen.

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