Benefits for Municipalities with Smart Parking Systems

Our solution is focused on total management and parking control, allowing managers and Administrators to take maximum benefit from the system.

This technology has been developed to respond to some critical issues of the Public Administration. Thanks to our Smart Parking Systems, Public Administration will have two major benefits from the first day of use:

⭕️ economic benefit, increasing revenue up to 60%, controlling the flow of transactions, managing tariffs and mobility in the city;

⭕️ social benefit, increasing the level of satisfaction of their voters by redistributing new and advanced services, safeguarding specific social categories, and incentivizing favourable rates for specific subjects such as mothers or seniors.

Economic benefit of Smart Parking solution

The real economic benefit is the possibility to increase up to 60% of the revenues every year, better than any other existing system.

It is possible to keep tracked all economic transaction, from App or parking meter, in a single data interface.

➡️ The system allows to adopt customised tariffs usable for example in most busy places, balancing the traffic flow inside the historical centre.

➡️ Monitoring all the activities related to parking management allows to have great reductions of costs, giving to Local Police Commander or Mobility Manager the possibility of finding the best practices in order to optimise all controlling activities.

Social benefit of Smart Parking solution

Citizens can use an intuitive system in order to find in every moment a parking place, without any increase of parking tariffs.

The cost of solution keeps unchanged the cost per hour of parking, allowing the Parking Managers and the Mobility Managers to manage customised tariffs depending on the areas.

⭕️ The system helps to spread culture of legality, allowing people to pay for consumption and Municipalities to increase capitals for improving services for citizens.

⭕️ Our system can be also integrated in a mobility plan, such as the case of Treviso, where multiple services can dialogue with each other, like bike sharing, car sharing and other modern mobility solutions.

The complete management of information

The information that Management Software can make available to the Public Administration has an incomparable importance.

➡️ The quantification of their actual value is difficult to define, given that the alternative is to detect the same data with lengthy and costly statistical surveys, which, however, that anyway are not able to achieve the same precision results.

Benefits for the Councillor for Mobility

By way of example, the Councillor for Mobility or the Mobility Manager will have access to data that will allow to identify the areas most exposed to traffic jam with the signalling of the relative time periods.

⭕️ They can check what type of user is affected by the phenomenon, and then study the appropriate use and pricing dedicated specifically to residents, economic activities, subscribers, etc. So they can better think about the drafting of the best urban planning and traffic.

Benefits for the Budget Councillor

Also by way of example, the Budget Councillor will have the opportunity to have in real time, a detailed report of the economic structure performance given in concession to the management company.

➡️ These data can be compared with historical ones and, in addition to monitoring and control activities, it will be the basis for the preparation of forward-looking statements or for the preparation of business plans for new projects or initiatives.

➡️ The data provided by the system allow to carry out simulations and evaluations in preparation for the implementation of new tariff plans that can best satisfy the public and private needs.

Benefits for the Local Police Commander

Another example of use concerns the Local Police Commander.

⭕️ These, based on historical and real-time data, can better organize the local police investigation and sanctioning activities that, being a limited resource, can be directed to the greater violation zones in order to make, at the same cost, more effective and profitable the verification activities.

Benefits for Parking Controllers

Benefits for Parking Managers

Benefits for users

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.