Smart Parking Systems® at the 19th “EPA Congress and Exhibition”

Smart Parking Systems® will attend the 19th “EPA Congress and Exhibition” in Malaga from 18th to 20th of September 2019. This is the most important European event in the field of parking and international mobility.

WHERE: Malaga, Palacio de Ferias y Congresos

WHEN: 18th-19th-20th September 2019


European Parking Association (EPA)

The European Parking Association (EPA) is an organization founded in 1983 that gather together European associations involved in the parking sector, composed of private companies and public bodies that manage the structures and services of parking on-street and off-street.

➡️ The EPA is responsible for facilitating cooperation, exchange and mutual support of professional experiences among car park organizations in different European countries. It can also exercise its influence on measures and resolutions of the European Commission and other relevant international organizations on parking and urban mobility.

➡️ It is proposed to provide assistance and support to associations and members, creating platforms for the mutual exchange of information. The congresses organized by the EPA (such as the annual general assembly) represent important opportunities for a fruitful exchange of ideas, especially through the discussions that develop within the various working groups.

➡️ In any case, the association’s big purpose is to make parking, with all its aspects, an important tool for urban mobility and to increase its visibility on the European political agenda.

EPA Congress and Exhibition 2019

The EPA, together with ASESGA (Spanish Parking Association), is making every effort to make the Congress a useful, pleasant and memorable event. In fact, 2019 will represent a year of strategic change for the development of the EPA, thanks to the Congress attendance growing expectations.

➡️ The theme of the next edition will be “Key solutions for urban mobility” and will cover all issues related to business activity, threats and opportunities for the future. The general situation of parking and urban mobility in Europe will be examined, together with the problems and criticalities, up to understanding that parking management is not a huge problem, but a huge opportunity.

➡️ The event will include interactive areas where visitors can experience simulated realities. Furthermore, the development of Malaga in smart city technologies will be an illuminating experience for all.

How to find us

We will attend EPA Congress & Exhibition 2019 at stand No. 43, near the area dedicated to special events.

➡️ We believe that participating in this important event will contribute to increase the general attention toward parking and mobility.

➡️ All of the players and the technologies which will be presented in EPA 2019 will help municipalities to set up a series of strategical path to prevent upcoming environmental problem by transforming them into opportunities for a greener future.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.