Smart Parking Systems® in Negrar

Perfect integration between management software, sensors, App, cameras and parking meters.

A system that has become an integral part of the entire city

Negrar di Valpolicella is a town of about 17 thousand inhabitants located in the Province of Verona, in the heart of Valpolicella, a land renowned especially for its picturesque landscapes, numerous historical evidences and for its excellent wine.

Smart Parking Systems® makes possible to manage and integrate all the components of the system, able to communicate effectively with each other: an unprecedented situation in Italy.

A complete system

POLIS management software is a processing tool able to analyse and synthesise data, making them available to interested parties.

The information is visible on every type of terminal, in a personalized way according to the user profile that is using it.

Specific alerts can also be generated in relation to the type of situation.

Smart Parking App

The App 4Park allows to pay for parking in digital mode, according to the actual parking time, to extend it and manage all the settings.

The App guides the user to the free parking bay and, at the same time, allows to activate dedicated subscriptions or passes for specific categories.

Advanced technologies for our city services


4Park App: what it can do

Our App 4Park, as already mentioned, is able to speed up and simplify the performance of certain operations. In particular:

  • directs the user to the nearest free place, in the same way as an ordinary navigator, avoiding waste of time, fuel consumption and helping to reduce polluting emissions;
  • allows the payment of parking for the effective time, without the need to display the receipt and return to the car for possible extensions;
  • is able to use any subscriptions and specific authorizations issued by the Municipality;
  • allows the municipality to receive cash directly on the treasury account;
  • offers the reporting of receipts in real time.

Perfect integration

One of the strengths of the App 4Park is its total integration with the other components of the parking system, both produced and installed by Intercomp and third parties.

 This is an essential requirement for the proper functioning of a system that is capable of producing benefits only if each part effectively dialogues with the others.

The components

We supplied 248 sensors and 2 cameras (covering 6 bays where the sensor could not be buried) capable of detecting the presence of parked vehicles.

The 22 parking meters provided by Input allow the payment for parking with coins, banknotes and credit cards. Alternatively, it is possible to use our 4Park App.

The POLIS management software, as previously mentioned, is able to integrate, analyse and distribute the data coming from all these components to the interested parties.

Rates and subscriptions

Abaco, one of the national leaders in the support of Local Authorities, has been involved in the management of paid parking in the Municipality of Negrar since 2017 in close contact with the Municipality.

Using our system, it is possible to differentiate the parking fees to meet the different needs of the citizens and, through the App, use discounted virtual passes.

Business owners, for example, can request a monthly parking ticket, while pregnant women and new mothers can benefit from a free permit.


⭕️ The Municipality of Negrar needed a new parking plan to increase the rotation of the stalls, which, also due to the presence of a large hospital near the historical centre, appeared to be occupied for long periods.

⭕️ The system had to be integrated with third-party components (parking meters).

⭕️ Create differentiated rates and facilitated passes according to the different use of the parking bays and the type of user.


251 sensors and 2 cameras have been installed and, in communication with the entire system, are able to report any information relating to the free/occupied status of the parking space.

Sensors, cameras and mobile App 4Park are perfectly integrated with the Input parking meters, allowing the POLIS management software to aggregate data and manage the system in real time.

✅ It is possible to differentiate the tariffs to be applied according to the use of each specific user: the 4Park App allows to pay for the effective duration of the stay and makes possible to use discounted passes for specific categories of users.

Some moments of system implementation

The images show the new numbered blue parking bays and sensors’ burial operations with special devices able to drill the dedicated area.

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