Stemma La Valletta

Smart parking implementation in Malta

An implementation created in the context of a project funded by the European Union and designed as a case study to collect data on smart parking technology, to be evaluated with a view to future extension to other areas of the capital, Valletta.

A European smart parking project in Valletta

The installation is located in Valletta, on the northern coast of Malta, of which it is the capital as well as the administrative, commercial and cultural centre.


Off-street parking

The installation includes a three-level off-street car park built by CVA, with 25 parking lots monitored by cameras and 61 by underground sensors.

Parking is not paid as, as anticipated, it is a case study useful for collecting and analysing data and then evaluating the possibility of further installations within the city.


Used technologies

In addition to the underground sensors that communicate with a LoRa Intercomp gateway and the cameras capable of monitoring the parking spaces, the POLIS light management software and the 4Park user App have been implemented.

4Park is able to guide the user directly to the free parking spaces signalled by the sensors.

Installazione smart parking a Malta


⭕️ Monitor about 90 free parking lots using different technologies, as part of a case study funded by the European Union.

⭕️ Having an integrated system in which all components can communicate effectively with each other.

⭕️ Use smart parking software for parking management by administrators and users.


✅ Using a combination of 61 sensors underground in the asphalt and 3 cameras, it is possible to monitor the status (free/occupied) of all the parking bays in the car park.

✅ The sensors communicate with the system via a gateway connected to the Internet, which uses the LoRa Intercomp protocol. For parking bays managed with cameras, the processing of video streams is performed by a dedicated PC installed on site and from this, only the occupancy data is sent to the system via the internet.

✅ The POLIS light management software can provide in real time the status of each individual parking bay in the parking area while the 4Park App can guide the user to the nearest free space.

Installazione smart parking a Malta

Some pictures of the installation

The following images show the parking structure from various angles during the installation of the system components.

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