Smart Mobility World fair in Turin

Intercomp, with its Smart Parking Systems division, will participate to the V edition of Smart Mobility World, which will take place in Turin on the 10th and 11th of October at “Lingotto Fiere”.

This is the most important European event about sustainable, digital and integrated mobility.

Come to visit us at our stand 77 in hall 3, we will be happy to show you the functioning of our system
for a total parking management.

What is Smart Mobility World

Smart Mobility World is an event that connects over 3500 international mobility service providers, in order to generate concrete business opportunities, innovation and technological development.

The event presents themes related to the evolution of transport and related technologies, along with all the news regarding the world of smart cities.

➡️ It is a unique opportunity to create a synergy between multiple realities, as small and medium-sized public and private companies, start-ups, Public Administrations and professional associations.

What we will show

⭕️ The Intercomp Smart Parking Systems Division will present the solution for parking management in all its parts, hardware and software, applied to a city in which it was installed.

⭕️ It will be possible to test and monitor the many features of our management software, the parking App and have a clear vision of the mutual coordination of the various peripherals.

⭕️ You will also know about all the new developments in the world of Smart Parking Systems, as our recent partnerships with Huawei and Vodafone about the development of parking sensors who use advanced communication systems.

➡️ We will also be present with an intervention within the YELLOW ROOM, adjacent to the pavilion 3, where we will briefly present our vision of mobility and how we managed to turn a problem into a common benefit.

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The fair

Inside the Smart Mobility World are presented solutions that revolve around the automobile world and mobility in general, like our parking management services.

We are in the middle of a huge technological revolution: the most current themes range from the electric motor to the autonomous driving cars, passing through the connectivity of all devices and consequently the new systems to ensure the safety.

➡️ The theme of eco-friendly development is the common denominator which is the basis of the solutions presented. The great challenge we face today is just the sustainable planning of our cities.

➡️ Smart Mobility World wants to become the protagonist in the diffusion of ideas and technologies to ensure comfort and efficiency for people, but also with respect for the environment in which we live.

Intercomp and Smart Parking Systems

⭕️ Intercomp is a company founded in 1983 as a producer of electronic cards and personal computers. Today we are able to develop hardware solutions for any type of environment such as: hardware systems for parking management, industrial automation, healthcare environment, digital signage and hardware solutions for the office.

⭕️ The Smart Parking Systems Division has been developed by Intercomp in 2002 as a solution designed to fully manage public parking spaces, in order to ensure tangible benefits for citizens and Public Administrations.

➡️ Our aim is to provide a working solution of Smart City, which enables sustainable and efficient management.
At the same time, we want to create a collective benefit for Public Administrations, managers, citizens and for anyone living in our cities, without weighing on anyone.

➡️ Focusing on innovation and sustainability means to be at the forefront to ensure a future for the coming generations, with a clean environment and mobility systems increasingly efficient and advanced.

Our stand

Here’s how to reach us: arrived at Torino” Lingotto Fiere” building, from the ground floor, you must arrive in hall 3 at stand number 77 (S.77).

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.