Smart MarketPlace

The complete system for the management and organisation of market spaces.

How Smart MarketPlace works

Smart MarketPlace is an innovative solution designed to ensure efficient management of all activities that arise in the organisation of a market.

Control and planning

Municipalities that use Smart MarketPlace are able to control in real time all the activities related to the market.

In addition to optimization in planning of market areas, the system can provide numerous other benefits such as reducing the margin of error and creating clear reports.


Alert and controls

The Municipal Police, using Smart MarketPlace, is able to manage all information in a complete manner, checking registrations and attendance from any device.

The system also generates reports and alerts in case of insolvency or other problems, allowing targeted inspections only if strictly necessary.


Digitization of activities

The Office of Commerce is able to digitally perform the registration operations of street peddlers, greatly improving the efficiency of the entire procedure.

It is also possible to access all information and manage authorizations, control market trends and make strategic evaluations of the flow of activities.


Simplified procedures

For peddlers (also for occasional ones) access, registration and check out from the market area can be carried out in complete autonomy.

The Multimedia kiosk for check-in can be used for the payment of taxes by peddlers, who can use special dedicated electronic cards.

The components of Smart MarketPlace

Digital Kiosk for check-in

It allows users to register or pay municipal tax upon arrival based on the assigned place inside the market.

SMP central server

The center of all the data coming from the peripheral devices and that are stored and processed to be usable.

Management software

The control tool of every activity, able to satisfy all the needs related to the management of a market.

SMP electronic cards

They can be supplied by Municipality for the registration and be associated with specific market places.

⭕️ Smart MarketPlace makes more efficient verification of attendance, thanks to the numerical allocation of sales desks to individual users.

⭕️ Municipality and Local Police have full control over the space intended for the market, thus being able to perform control operations in specific situations and only if deemed necessary.

⭕️ The uniqueness of this system guarantees the total control of all the elements and all the criticalities in the management of a market.

The Office of Commerce and Municipality can use a very efficient tool for planning and controlling all the activities related to the management of a market.

The Municipal Police can access information from any terminal and intervene for targeted controls only if necessary, based on reports and alerts generated by the system.

Peddlers can benefit from a simplification in procedures thanks to the use of Multimedia Kiosk for check-in and dedicated electronic cards.

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