Smart City Expo World Congress 2019: meeting up in Barcelona

The 2019 edition of Smart City Expo World Congress that will take place in Barcelona from November 19th to 21st will be an extremely important occasion to focus on the progress of all the activities that gravitate around smart cities, but also to understand what the new possibilities for the future will be.

WHERE: Barcelona, Gran Via Venue

WHEN: 19th-20th-21st November 2019

OUR POSITION: booth No. 15 – hall 2

“Cities made of dreams”

“We believe that a city is not gauged by its infrastructures, its skin, its digital aesthetics, but by the height of its vision to respond to the needs of all citizens, without leaving anybody behind”.

Title and introduction allow us to clearly understand the intent of Smart City Expo World Congress, born in 2011 with a vision: to find out if some smart initiatives could make cities more sustainable because the data coming from the environment were (and still are) rather alarming.

The concept of smart city has now become a reality, it is moving from theory to application on a large scale, with exceptional results. From governance to the economy, from autonomous driving to smart parking, we are witnessing the increasingly widespread introduction of cutting-edge technologies capable of making our urban areas more sustainable and modern.

The Smart City Expo World Congress was created specifically to study solutions that can enhance smart cities, laying the foundations for creating a better future for all. The event is organized to offer a unique meeting point for the whole smart city ecosystem, bringing together business leaders, public representatives, entrepreneurs, experts and academics in order to share visions and experiences and to strengthen collaboration between all the parts in play.

Smart City Expo World Congress 2019

The 2019 edition of Smart City Expo World Congress, driven by a strong sense of responsibility towards future generations, wants to act as a meeting point for all interested parties, in order to implement decisive actions for an increasingly sustainable and inclusive future.

The event will therefore focus on five main paths, namely the most urgent issues to be addressed:

✔️ digital transformation;

✔️ urban environment;

✔️ mobility;

✔️ governance & finance;

✔️ inclusive & sharing cities.

In the vast exhibition area, it will be possible to discuss with all the participants and share information to arrive at common results able to implement even more the development of smart cities.

It will also be possible to attend major parallel events, able to spread further knowledge and launch interesting ideas: “Smart Mobility Congress”, “Circular Economy European Summit”, “Sharing Cities Summit” and “Digital Future Society Summit”.

How to find us

We are proud to participate as Smart Parking Systems® at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, for two reasons we believe are extremely important:

  • we never stop learning and we can do it by meeting people, exchanging information, witnessing interventions, with the aim of achieving a common goal;
  • we also think we have something important to offer, a parking system that can provide a valuable contribution to managing mobility and parking within cities, as our installations around the world demonstrate.


➡️ You can find us in Hall 2 at booth No. 15, to discover everything about our system and work together to create a better future.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.