Smart Cities, cities of tomorrow

Applying an innovative vision to space management can earn you money. Intercomp’s technological vision aims to create economic and social benefits for all the residents by optimising movement and space to produce wealth.

With our technological vision your city can become an exemplary place but also a strong source of income that you can re-invest in services for your citizens. By investing in Smart Cities, you earn twice as much back.

Revolutionise your city, make it start to earn money

Requirements for SMART cities

⭕️ Intelligent public parking spaces: smart parking spaces located in strategic positions, with good links to public transport. This is the logic behind sustainable mobility which has the aim of significantly reducing traffic and pollution in cities, decreasing at the same time the costs of services.

⭕️ IT systems for energy efficiency: to monitor, in real time, energy consumption and at the same time supply solutions that aim to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Smart Cities will take on an active role in the transformation of infrastructures and will contribute innovatively to the creation of social and economic benefits.

⭕️ Online parking: efficient management of parking spaces will allow people to identify the most convenient parking areas before they leave home and to pay on their mobile phone. This would lead to large scale monitoring of how long cars stay parked up and would reduce city traffic by more than 30%.


⭕️ Optimisation and management of public spaces: a real advantage for citizens and Municipalities who intend to use technological visual indication devices to optimise the city’s spaces. This is true for the management of space in markets or ports; the Municipality can offer a rapid and efficient distribution service in public areas.

⭕️ Cooperative environment: the reduction of waste is possible thanks to synergy between technologies and individuals. You can’t create social benefits if at the heart of it all there isn’t a society that is motivated to create collective well-being.

⭕️ Inclusive and sustainable cities: a city oriented towards its own well-being. These cities aim to attract new companies and help existing ones to grow. Smart Cities like Malta, Dubai and Kochi are only some examples in which economic performance significantly increased after using the Smart model aimed at increasing urban quality.

Incomes, efficiency and social benefits

➡️ Smart Parking in numbers system: once the sensors have been installed it is possible to have a 150% increase in proceeds from parking spaces in the boroughs in which the sensors have been installed, a 21% reduction in the time taken to find a parking space and a more than 30% in waste emissions

➡️ Management of public areas: the registration of the stall holders at the self service Stands provides information in real time to those in charge of the area and the allocation of spaces. The process of space allocation becomes automated and this reduces the cost of personnel and increases the quality of checks.

➡️ Multifunctionality: all the Stands can be made with a double interface, one for the parking system and one that can be used to provide information. The system can be adapted to meet different needs, such as the multimedia advertising of a nearby store or more commonly, for organisational purposes.



➡️ Economic advantages for nearby businesses: the parking system can be managed autonomously by the Municipalities and shop owners who can come up with strategies to increase the visibility of the surrounding businesses. The parking can be partially paid for by the adjacent shops, thus encouraging people to visit them.

➡️ Parking management on the roads and on the waterdella sosta su strada ed in acqua: thanks to Smart Parking system it is possible to control the vehicles in potential infraction. It is possible also to monitor and plan data in real time from all the parking areas of the city.

➡️ Complete and integrated systems: all our systems come with a complete service from installation through to maintenance. This solution also means that all devices can be fully integrated for all operations. This enables the final users to choose their route based on available parking spaces and to pay via SMS or card. The Administrators can also monitor parking and access monthly and annual data from any platform.

Some examples of Smart Cities in the world

Smart Cities: present and future

⭕️ Internationally awarded: we have installed our sensors all over the world and there have been significant benefits in just a few years.

⭕️ Complete solutions: all of our solutions for public spaces are 100% complete, from the creation of the product right through to the monitoring of the parking times.


➡️ The advantage of having a company that produces software solutions on your side is enormous: consultation with administrations has enriched our vision of cities of the future, broadening our product horizons to include more complex systems that are dedicated exclusively to certain set-ups.


Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.