Dante: smart & 4.0 parking meter

What makes Dante a smart & 4.0 parking meter?

Dante is a modern parking meter with advanced connectivity features that allow the parking manager to receive valuable information about the device in real time:

  • the amount of transactions processed;
  • the amount of money contained in the internal safe;
  • warnings of any tampering or unauthorized opening;
  • end-of-paper notices;
  • malfunction and offline status alerts.

This is information that is now indispensable in modern street parking management and that makes this parking meter absolutely smart.

Features 4.0

Intercomp, in the development of this highly innovative product, has deployed all the experience gained in over 35 years of manufacturing highly technological hardware in the professional and industrial fields.

✔️ The result is a product with unique characteristics on the international market, which distinguish it from the current parking meters marketed by the most prestigious international and national manufacturers.

✔️ In fact, Dante is also a 4.0 parking meter because its interconnection capacity does not stop at what is described above but, in addition to sending information, it can receive commands that allow complete remote control.

✔️ These are commands such as simple switching on or off (off-line status) but also other more advanced ones that allow to set, for example, the rates on the parking meter while sitting comfortably in a control room and which at the same time make absolutely easier and more flexible the eventual need to align the parking meter in real time with the tariff system set by the management software.

These options provide the product with new features such as, among other things, the possibility of extending the stop from any parking meter in the city (therefore not only from the one where the transaction took place) precisely because each parking meter itself is an integral part of an ecosystem where the peripherals are all closely interconnected.

Smart parking ecosystem

Our parking meter, inserted in a modern smart parking system equipped with sensors installed in individual parking spaces, allows them to be interconnected without the need to invest in expensive gateways or external radio repeaters, making the parking ecosystem cheaper and perfectly integrated.

✔️ Dante parking meter on the market has no rivals being the most technologically advanced product in the world but, at the same time, offered at a price in line with that of the much less performing and technological competition.

Its structural solidity, tested in the field through intense and multi-year use, makes it a highly reliable and long-lasting device like all the products that Intercomp has been designing for over 35 years for extreme industrial and climatic environments (subject to dust, humidity, operating temperatures limit).

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.