The parking meter, an innovative way of payment

Projects the classic on-street parking management into a new universe of functionality and efficiency.
How it works
⭕️ Enter the car lot number.

⭕️ The tariff in displayed on the monitor.

⭕️ It is possible to pay with coins, credit cards and debit cards (ATM).

⭕️ It is possible to use cards given by the Parking Management Company or Local Administration that allow holders (specific categories such as subscribers, residents, businessmen, moms, disabled people, etc.) to avail of their dedicated services.

⭕️ Take the payment receipt. From any parking meter in the city it’s possible to extend the parking stop period.

Advanced services for citizens


Payment for consumption

Thanks to the technology of the system the parking meter allows a payment for consumption.

So users won’t never support a payment higher than the actual period of parking.


Approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

The approval by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is the necessary practice in order to certify that all payments are accepted.

It certifies also that all norms in force in Italy and in the European Community are respected.


No need to expose the receipt on the dashboard

The controller can view, in real time, the data relating to the parking and the payment thereof directly on the mobile device in his possession.

At the same time user doesn’t have to expose any receipt.


Various ways of payment

The parking meter allows the use of coins, credit cards and debit cards (ATM).

It is also possible to use some cards for specific categories given by Local Administration, in order to improve smart mobility and reduce social distances.

The value of knowledge


Front display

The front 15″ display switch on only when the parking meter is activated, saving power and great increasing its features.

The electronical display can show a lot of information, like the change of tariffs or other service communications.


Rear display

The rear 15″ display is an optional for our park meter but is particularly functional for Municipalities in order to give useful information to citizens.

It can be also used to broadcast advertisements with commercial strategies in order to support retailers of neighbouring areas.

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