New installation of NB-IoT sensors in Vienna

Smart Parking Systems®’ S200 NB-IoT sensors reach Austria, with a new installation in Vienna built with one of the world’s leading telecommunications providers.

This is a further confirmation of growth for Intercomp, which through the Smart Parking Systems® division is expanding its state-of-the-art technologies all over the world.

NB-IoT technology is about to make an important evolution that will allow it to become one of the standard communication protocols between all interconnected devices.

Being at the centre of this technological leap is a great satisfaction for us, but also an important moment for establishing relationships and opportunities that will increase the quality of all our solutions.

The installation in Vienna

In the Vienna project, ten sensors with NB-IoT (Narrow Band – Internet of Things) technology have been installed, which use the most innovative communication technologies to identify the free/occupied status of the parking bay, bouncing the signal towards platforms for data control and management.

➡️ The smart parking system is going through a period of great development, thanks above all to the diffusion and the more and more frequent implementation of the Smart City concept, the city of the future that meets the criteria of modernity, sustainability, pollution and traffic reduction.

Other installations

The one in Vienna is just the latest in a series of installations of Smart Parking Systems® sensors in some of the major European and world cities such as:

✔️ Athens;

✔️ Madrid;

✔️ Dubai;

✔️ Verona.

➡️ Our technology breakthrough is also a big step forward in the research and development of IoT solutions for Smart Cities. But our greatest satisfaction lies in the fact that these technologies will allow the construction of cleaner, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly cities.

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