Great success of Nb-Iot technology tests in Madrid in Huawei laboratories

Great success in Madrid in Huawei laboratories as a result of tests that allowed communication between our sensors with NB-IoT technology and Vodafone sales network.

The new communication Narrow Band Internet of Things System (NB-IoT) is the mode that allows sensors and devices to exchange information.


Intercomp, together with the world’s largest telephone operators, is writing the way through all these broadcasts that will take place.

What is it

It is a communication that is characterized by:

⭕️ wireless system: it does not need to be physically connect to anything, but like any other mobile device, once configured it can communicate to the outside;

⭕️ low power consumption: thanks to the new technologies applied to the charge and thanks to the sophisticated hardware structure, obtained after decades of research, we have developed a unique solution in the world;

⭕️ high performance: the transmission NB – IoT is able to cover a radius of kilometers without the need of gateways or third-party tools that enhance its signal. This is an innovative form of communication identified as a new standard by the largest telecommunications operators;

⭕️ using a SIM card: like a normal phone, the sensor sends and receives data via a SIM card. Here is the importance and necessity of the presence of a reliable operator;

⭕️ using existing structures and antennas: the facilities to extend this technology on a large scale are all already present on the national ground, they can take advantage of existing antennas BTS (Base Station Terrestrian), but updated with modern supports that allow the signal transmission.

Madrid tests: a further confirmation

Madrid tests, such as those in Dubai, are a further confirmation of the reliability of our parking system that can integrate seamlessly on any network and with any device.

Together with other companies operating in this innovative sector, we are at the forefront in the configuration and calibration of one of the most important technologies of our devices.

⭕️ In fact, Huawei’s laboratories use our sensors to create commercial and demonstrative demo regarding the reliability of the system.



➡️ To know more about NB IoT communication network see our page.



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