Narrow Band-IoT

NB-IoT Technology is one of the most innovative solutions among communication devices.

Rapidity, power and low consumption

This transmission technology operates in 3GPP and uses licensed bands to dealers and telephone operators with who it’s necessary to contact to enable the transmission service.

⭕️ With this technology, using the operator receiving stations (cells), it is not necessary to install additional gateways.

⭕️ It is therefore ideal for ensuring greater network coverage even in the areas most difficult to reach.

⭕️ But not only: through this system, the devices connected are able to reduce energy consumption, for a result that is not only practical and functional but also highly sustainable.

✅ As a demonstration of the great capacity for innovation and development, we would like to remind you that Intercomp was the first manufacturer in the world to have developed parking detection sensors with NB-IoT technology.

✅ These sensors have been tested and certified in the OPEN-LAB laboratories of HUAWEI and VODAFONE in Milan and Dubai.

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