One interactive Kiosk, multiple uses

In addition to the management of operations relating to the market, it can be configured to perform the same functions of the parking meter.
How it works
⭕️ Municipality provides the electronic card to the peddler.

⭕️ Upon arrival, the peddler inserts the card to certify his presence within the sales space.

⭕️ It is possible to pay (as specified in the municipal regulations) directly at the Kiosk with coins, cash, credit cards and debit cards

⭕️ The Kiosk can provide a paper receipt which can be delivered to the Police Officer during the inspection.

Advanced market management services



Through Smart MarketPlace, it’s possible to digitize the entire sales space management process. All procedures can be computerized in order to ensure greater simplicity and practicality of use.

The Multimedia Kiosk is a versatile tool which allows to simplify many operations and ensuring greater security for peddlers and for Municipalities.


Payments and receipts

The Multimedia Kiosk allows payments quickly and easily, through any mode: coins, banknotes, debit and credit cards.

It’s possible to print a paper receipt and it can be delivered to the Police Officer in case of control.



The Multimedia Kiosk for check-in corresponds to all ministerial regulations and has a solid structure which protects it from damages and vandalism, so as to ensure all payment transactions.

It has a metal frame and a keyboard, a reader for credit and debit cards and an electronic card reader.


Parking meter

The Smart Marketplace Multimedia Kiosk can be configured to cover also the Smart Parking Systems® parking meter functions.

Through a unique tool it’s possible to manage market operations and also the city parking system.

The value of knowledge


Front display

The front display is activated by the user at the time of use, so as to ensure energy saving and increase in functionality.

The electronic display allows the user to interact easily, by perfecting the required operations, for market and for parking, if provided.


Rear display

The rear display, supplied as an optional, may allow to give useful information from Municipality.

The screen can also be used to transmit advertising messages, for example to encourage commercial strategies in order to promote the activities of local retailers.

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