Microsoft & Smart Parking Systems®

Intercomp S.p.A. and Microsoft have finalized a new partnership over a Smart Parking Systems® solution

➡️ We have been Microsoft Gold Partners since 1983 thanks to continuous innovations within our computer hardware manufacturing division.

Today, Microsoft’s Consumer and Device Sales IoT division has seen a new era inside Smart Parking Systems®, this has been recognised by creating a new partnership using our technology as a key pillar for the growing Smart Cities motion.

What Microsoft thinks about smart parking

“Smart parking systems are transforming the way we think about parking and providing digital solutions which are creating high value business outcomes for towns and cities. These outcomes include easing congestion, reducing air pollution and improving everyday life for residents. The partnership sees us jointly commit to building future Azure IoT opportunities together based on Intercomp’s unique IoT sensor capabilities”.

James Lockyer, Azure IoT Partner Solutions Lead, EMEA

We are honoured to have such a cooperation which once again enriches Intercomp technologies and all the customers who already use our solution, flanking them with the best technology provider of the globe.

Microsoft & Smart Parking Systems®

Microsoft is focussed on IoT Smart City solutions through leveraging its own management platform by gathering all its knowledge and partnerships forces in order to create a modular and flexible solution which covers all aspects of digital cities.

Inside this huge and transforming sector Intercomp has been selected as a Smart Parking solution and today is officially inside Microsoft’s AppSource solution catalogue.

The integration of Azure services and other Microsoft products will create an incredible benefit for all the users and managers of our solution which can rely on many aspects such as:

  • privacy protection;
  • security;
  • rapid data exchange;
  • wider support;
  • updated technologies.

Our partnership will help smart parking solutions to move forward rapidly, surrounding our team with the best technological platform in the world.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.