The controller of all activities

The Management Software is an advanced tool for processing data collected by the system, that are synthesized and made available to stakeholders.
How it works

⭕️ The Management Software is fundamental to the proper functioning as Smart MarketPlace analyses and manages in real time the data that is collected by the peripherals of the system.

⭕️ Once collected, the information is visible through any type of terminal (PC, smartphone, and tablet) with the possibility of a customised distribution based on the type of user.

⭕️ The collected data is tracked to facilitate the efficient management of all the components and issues that may occur within a market.

Advanced market management services


Advanced activity management

The Management Software is an excellent tool for the control of all the activities of the city market:

➡️ assignment of sales spaces;

➡️ tax payments of the sales market area;

➡️ activities of operators working on recordings;

➡️ definition of the rules for the assignment to users.


Customer need

During the development of Smart MarketPlace we have evaluated all the needs and problems expressed by our customers.

For this reason, the system is now able to face up to all the emerging needs in the management of any type of market: citizen, communal, local or periodic.

It is a cutting-edge software in the world of solutions for the management of markets.

The value of knowledge


Ideal for every user

The Management Software is an accurate and reliable tool which meets the needs of everyone using it:

➡️ Municipality can have total control of the data;

➡️ the Municipal Police can comprehensively manage the registration information and the allocation of space, effecting targeted controls;

➡️ the Office of Commerce has the real-time control of the flow of market activity and recording;

➡️ peddlers and daily vendors (precarious) can benefit of the digitization of all practices related to their business.



The Management Software has the ability to be fully customised, in order to answer precisely to all the needs of those who use it.

Features can be configured according to customer requirements, that requires special options able to adapt perfectly to their specific situation.

The customisation of the products is one of the cardinal points of Intercomp, which has always provided tailor-made solutions to its customers.

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