Management of parking for motorbikes and mopeds

With Smart Parking Systems®, municipalities and users can manage parking lots for motorbikes and mopeds.

Advanced parking systems for motorbikes and mopeds
The parking of motorbikes and mopeds has to be guaranteed and managed through innovative methods. Municipalities must be able to value all public spaces, for a clean environment and a more attentive social context.

Advanced payment services

It will be possible to take advantage of the digital parking meter and Mobile App to exploit all the types of payment currently available.

It will not be necessary to expose any payment receipt: the whole process is digitized since the parking meter and the mobile application communicate directly with the control and inspection system.


The help of Bluetooth

Technology facilitate the provision of advanced services: the Bluetooth recognition allows users to be automatically identified by the sensor that communicates directly with the smartphone.

Alerts and notifications

The system is able to identify irregularities by reporting them through notifications and alerts relating to the areas concerned.

Alerts are sent to interested parties who can perform targeted interventions.


Complete information

The control and management of motorbikes parking spaces is an important asset for Municipalities willing to valorize the territory.

The completeness of the data provided by car, moped and bus parking areas are essential to better understand how people move and stop.

The components of the system


Buried under every kind of road surface, it is able to give accurate information in real time about parking lot status free or busy.


Cameras for the smart parking inspection activities on vehicles, a technological evolution in order to face specific urban needs.

Mobile App

4Park integrated App Mobile allows to completely manage payments. It can also drive the user to the free parking lot.


It collects and shares data with other peripherical, through radio communication networks that use alternative protocols.


Management software which processes data in real time making them available on any type of terminal for use and consultation.
⭕️ An advanced system composed of combined hardware and software solutions to provide data and services on a specific moped space.

⭕️ Integration with third-party hardware and software solutions, if already present.

⭕️ Dashboard for real time control and management of all the activities related to motorbike parking bays.

⭕️ Alert and notifications system to avoid irregular activities on specific parking spaces.

✅ The administrative and executive staff can have full control in real time of the activities related to the parking areas available, integrating the data between sensors, cameras and Limited Traffic Areas access points.

✅ It is a tool able to report possible irregularities through notifications and warnings by mapping the areas where they occurred.

✅ The system allows to guide the user to a free parking lot via Mobile App.

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Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.