Management of charging stations

With Smart Parking Systems®, charging stations for electric cars become intelligent tools perfectly integrated into our parking management system.

Advanced charging systems for electric cars
The spread of electric cars and charging stations opens new possibilities for integration with our intelligent parking system: the parking space reserved for charging can become an interconnected component that is possible to manage and monitor together with the others.

Type of occupation

Smart Parking Systems® can integrate the data coming from the charging stations and determine if the parking is associated with the charging vehicle or if the user is taking advantage of the parking bay in an irregular manner.

This data can be shared with the user himself, who can receive an indication at the end of the charge cycle. In the same way the controller can intervene in case of unauthorized stops.


State of charge

Many charging station managers provide customers with a specific App through which to monitor the status of the car’s charge and thus be notified when it is completed.

Our system can also be integrated within this phase, in relation to managers’ needs.


Navigation App

Our Mobile App 4Park is able, as it happens for the search of a free parking bay, to guide the user who needs to recharge the car to the nearest point.

The Mobile App could also be used to pay or to create special virtual subscriptions to use the recharge service.


Total park attendance

With this integrated service our system becomes a formidable tool for the analysis, control and management of all the monitored parking areas.

Administrators, managers and enforcement operators will have a total vision of how the public parking space is used, depending on the areas, the type of user or associated services.

The components of the system


Buried under every type of road surface, it provides precise information in real time on the free/busy status of the parking space.

Mobile App

The 4Park Mobile App allows the management of spaces reserved for recharging vehicles. It allows to guide the user to the nearest charging station.


It receives the data collected by the sensors, the parking meters or the App, through a radio communication network with alternative or concurrent protocols.


Management software that processes data in real time and makes them available for use and consultation on any type of terminal.
⭕️ A system that can be perfectly integrated with charging stations for electric cars that make them even more useful and efficient.

⭕️ It allows to monitor the status of the parking bays dedicated to charging.

⭕️ The management software can manage and integrate the parking data relating to the car in charge.

⭕️ The App 4Park has of key importance for the user who can perform all the necessary operations with just one tool.


✅ Smart Parking Systems® can integrate itself with the systems present on the charging stations, with the possibility of import data into the parking system.

✅ The collaboration between sensor and POLIS management software allows to understand if the car is actually in charge and, if not, it can send an alert, signalling the non-conformity.

✅ Using the Mobile App the user can be guided to the nearest charging station, make reservations and pay directly for the recharge time, or according to the current rates.

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Smart Parking Systems®

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