One of the main solutions for the communication among IoT devices which includes different sensors connected into an integrated system.

The trasmission standard

This radio communication protocol takes place in the free ISM band 868.0÷868.6 MHz (it provides maximum of 25 mW ERP emission).

LoRaWAN® Member

A solid relation with LoRa Alliance™ through tests and applications made along the years, we are now able to develop vast and efficient IoT infrastructures within LoRa private network, installing sensors on LoRaWAN®, managing activities and processes connected to the parking.

➡️ The cooperation with LoRa Alliance™ guarantee us a high qualitative standard solution providing, thanks to internationally certificated and tested solutions.

⭕️ The LoRaWAN® standard requires that, not only the sensors communicate according to this protocol, but also the gateway and the data receiving server.

⭕️ This type of modulation has a high immunity to interference and has also reduced consumption. These features allow to reach high distances even in an urban environment.

✅ The LoRaWAN® is a protocol standardized by LoRa Alliance™.

✅ The use of the LoRaWAN® protocol requires the presence of public operators as LoRaWAN® network managers. If their network is not sufficiently capillary to be able to work with very low transmission times (SF7-SF8), it is necessary to create private networks in different forms.

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