LoRa®, the new frontier of communication

With the rapid development of IoT (Internet of Things) and digital communication, also transmission networks need to be upgraded.

In this context LoRa® (which stands for Long Range), a modulation technique designed by Semtech that allows communication in an efficient way and at longer distances, is becoming increasingly popular.


As we said, LoRa® is a modulation format created by Semtech that has relevant advantages over traditional systems:

✔️ transmission at considerable distances;

✔️ reduced installation and maintenance costs;

✔️ very low consumption;

✔️ high immunity to interference.


Why is LoRa® so efficient?

Essentially because in the transmission of the signal it completely uses the channel band (spread-spectrum mode) and because it can be implemented on networks and protocols of several types.

⭕️ By correctly managing the data rate (that is, the data transfer rate) through the “Adaptive Data Rate” function, communication efficiency can be maximized, with considerable advantages in terms of costs and battery consumption.

⭕️ LoRa® modulation is based on so-called end points, which can be battery sensors and actuators, to communicate through the LoRa WAN™ protocol.

LoRa WAN™ and LoRa Intercomp

LoRa WAN™ is the standard communication protocol on LoRa® modulation designed for its high reliability and for the use of sensors with low battery consumption.

➡️ LoRa WAN™, ideal for long-range networks, has been standardized by the LoRa Alliance™ as a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to ensure compatibility between the various national networks.

➡️ This protocol is becoming increasingly important with the growing use of the Internet of Things.


Intercomp has also adapted a LoRa™ system, using a private communication protocol, called LoRa Intercomp, which has extremely low power consumption and substantial communication range. In the laboratory tests, more than 1.5 million packets were sent with a single battery.

⭕️ The LoRa Intercomp proprietary protocol allows to reach high distances, even within an urban environment, but at the same time is very versatile, ensuring great simplicity of communication and simplifying the installation of gateways and servers.

⭕️ The main advantage of LoRa Intercomp is that it does not require any intermediary because of its proprietary, hence private, protocol.

LoRa Alliance™

The LoRa Alliancehas been mentioned, but what is it?

It is an association of companies and entities directly or indirectly interested in making the LoRa WAN™ a global protocol, usable by everyone and compatible with different systems.

➡️ In addition to this, it deals with many other issues, including the development of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities. The LoRa Alliance™ certification is reserved only to the members of the association.

➡️ Intercomp currently is the only member of the LoRa Alliance™ that independently designs and produces sensors for Smart Parking. It is also the only one with a Smart Parking sensor included in the list of LoRa WAN™ certified products.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.