Loading parking bay management

With Smart Parking Systems® is possible to book, manage and assign permissions for loading and unloading activities in the city.

Advanced services for areas dedicated to loading/unloading parking

The parking bay for loading/unloading goods is a parking lot reserved to vehicles that carry out loading and unloading operations nearby the buildings used for commercial or artisanal purposes.

Municipalities may fix the timing and areas reserved to vehicles used for loading and unloading activities. In these cases, parking is allowed temporarily and only to perform the operations of delivery and collection of goods.


Online booking

Using Mobile App and Web App systems, users can book the parking area of interest in order to find it free for loading/unloading operations at the time selected.


Limited Traffic Areas & loading parking bays

Smart Parking Systems® integrates data from the entry and exit gates of limited traffic areas with reservations and permits of loading/unloading areas, thus favouring a correct flow of data and guaranteeing benefits for everyone:

  • users can transit through the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) without incurring fines;
  • Administrators can easily manage the Limited Traffic Areas and areas dedicated to loading and unloading.

Integration with municipality offices

Through our software service it is possible to integrate with the municipality database offices from which the permits are issued, in order to provide users with digital IDs for the use of the services.


Parking control

With our technology, only the persons that are authorized can make use of the areas for loading and unloading, or of specific parking stalls that are reserved for a limited period of time.

In case that an unauthorized vehicle is parked in a reserved area, the system immediately sends an alert to the competent bodies.


The components of the system


It is buried under every kind of road surface and it is precisely set in order to give accurate information in real time about parking lot status free or busy.


Cameras for the smart parking inspection activities on each parking bay represent technological evolution in order to face the new urban necessities.

Mobile App

4Business integrated App Mobile allows users to manage payments, booking and authorization for loading bays. It can also drive the user to the parking lot.


Where the data are collected and shared with other peripherical, through radio communication networks that use alternative communication protocols.


Management software which processes all the data in real time making them available on any type of terminal for use and consultation by stakeholders.

⭕️ An advanced system composed of a series of hardware and software peripherals that allows to merge data for vehicle recognition and authorization.

⭕️ Integration of third-party hardware and software solutions, if already present.

⭕️ Dashboard for activities’ control updated in real time.

⭕️ Mobile App for online requests of authorization.

⭕️ Integration of data from Mobile App, control dashboard and transport and traffic office’s database.




Through the integrated data of sensors, cameras and Limited Traffic Area access points, all administrative and executive staff has full control in real time of the activities related to the use of the areas for loading and unloading operations.

Software able to report any irregularity through notifications and alerts, mapping the areas where they occurred.

Digital permits release through mobile App, with possibility of renewal when necessary.

Possibility of sharing data from the transport and traffic office’s database.

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Smart Parking Systems®

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