Innovate, for real

Smart Parking Systems® project was created in Intercomp from a futuristic vision of the city, 5 years before the diffusion of “Smart City” concept.

Smart Parking Systems® was considered an innovative solution from the first moment, when the project financed from Ministry of Research was presented.

Most innovative technology
In 2011, after our participation at ParkeerVakwhich fair we won the “Most innovative technology” award.
European Union award
October 2011: European Union award during the Civitas Forum for innovative management of the parking area.

The City of Treviso, where the system works from 2010, ranked as second equally with Stockholm, thanks to the innovative system of parking management.

SMAU award

In the Padua edition Intercomp won the “Innovation technology” merit award.

The award was delivered by Municipality of Treviso for SMART CITY project developed from Intercomp in collaboration with Smart Parking Systems®.

Special invitation in SMAU
Special Invitation in SMAU Milan-Smart Communities, an engine for national development and private sector investments.

After the success of the last edition in Padua we were called to show our system’s skills.

Special invitation to Huawei Eco Connect in Paris
In October 2016 Intercomp was invited from Huawei in Paris for the presentation of Smart Parking solution using Narrow Band-IoT technologies.
Vodafone technological partner
In Febraury 2017 we were selected by Vodafone as main partner for a Smart Parking Mobility project in Milan.

The choice made by Vodafone depended on the technological development in the NB-Iot area performed by Intercomp, becoming unique and known in the World.

Huawei NB-IoT certification
In March 2017 Intercomp was invited by Huawei in Dubai and Milan in order to test parking sensors with NB–IoT technology on Huawei’s platforms for verifying compatibility.

The success was immediate, creating an high-value technological collaboration.

SMAU Innovation award

City of Treviso won the SMAU Innovation award 2017, thanks to Smart Parking Systems®, which allowed Municipality to increase sustainable mobility’s policies.

Treviso decided to start an innovative solution in order to provide to the city a modern way of living and guarantying a cleaner environment for all the citizens.

Special invitation to Intel Summit in Milano
We were selected from Intel as a technological partner for its Intel Summit 2017 in Smau Fieramilanocity. In there we had the pleasure of presenting our solution to the Intel partner network.

Being protagonist among only few success case stories in the whole country was a clear confirmation of the innovation power of our solution.

Special invitation to Huawei Eco Connect Europe in Berlin

For the second year straight Intercomp was invited from Huawei to its summit Eco Connect in Berlin, as a technological partner, to present Smart Parking Systems®. The solution can today communicate also with NB-Iot protocol (Narrow Band–Internet of Things).

We met leaders of world technology and we discussed about how progress and installation of NB-IoT solutions will change communication among different devices.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.