First smart parking installation in Spain with NB-IoT sensors

The Italian test field in Verona’s outskirts was only the first of a series of smart parking installations that show how this issue no longer represents a technological innovation but more and more a rapidly expanding reality.

After Verona and Athens is the turn of Madrid, where the first Spanish installation was made using Smart Parking Systems® with Nb-IoT technology.

NB-Iot technology

Narrow Band-Internet of Things technology enables communication between devices using 4G networks.

NB-IoT allows installation, in particularly complex environments (city or industrial) and with special needs, of systems with specific characteristics that make them prefer to other more traditional ones:

⭕️ the signal is able to overcome physical obstacles;

⭕️ they allow a reduction in consumption;

⭕️ they can connect more devices.


In Madrid, one of our most important Spanish technology partners designed a smart parking installation and chose our Nb-IoT Smart Parking Systems® sensors.

➡️ The sensor allows the detection of parked vehicles, recording the variation of the earth’s magnetic field relative to the ferrous mass of the vehicle.

➡️ The device is completely buried to guarantee the right level of safety and easier maintenance of the roads, making it at the same time aesthetically less invasive.

➡️ The installation does not require wiring (a drilling operation is sufficient) and is therefore extremely practical and economical.

Since 2005, Smart Parking Systems® has studied all the possible critical issues encountered in the installation of parking sensors.

After years of testing it was possible to create an extremely versatile, efficient device with an excellent price/performance ratio.

The benefits produced

The benefits deriving from the use of Nb-IoT technology are many and are based essentially on two main parameters:

✔️ the power and speed of the radioelectric signal are very high, so as to cover even more normally less accessible places (rural, remote, underground areas);

✔️ energy consumption is significantly reduced, mainly due to the increase in battery life.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.