First smart parking installation in Greece with NB-IoT sensors

After the success of the Italian test field in Verona, we have implemented in Athens the first Greek smart parking area with NB-IoT technology (Narrow Band – Internet of Things) able to communicate with all the peripherals of the system.

NB-Iot technology

Narrow Band-IoT is the new frontier of communication between devices with Internet of Things technology that transmit information on 4G networks.

Systems using NB-IoT have superb features, especially if installed in complex and structured industrial and city environments:

⭕️ they can overcome physical obstacles;

⭕️ they have reduced consumption;

⭕️ they cover a larger number of connected devices.


In Athens, one of the world’s leading telecommunications brands created a smart parking installation using our Smart Parking Systems® sensors.

➡️ The sensor was initially positioned and calibrated. Once it was installed it allowed the detection of parked vehicles.

➡️ Its particular technology is able to record the variation of the earth’s magnetic field determined by the ferrous mass of the vehicle.

➡️ The free or busy status is then transmitted via radio.

The protection of privacy is guaranteed by the fact that, unlike cameras that capture images, our sensor records an anonymous data.

Thanks to its installation under the road surface it is not invasive or dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and it is not subject to possible vandalism.

The benefits produced

Using this kind of technology, numerous benefits have been found, which essentially fall into two categories.

✔️ Power and speed: you can more easily cover remote, rural and underground areas. The radioelectric signal propagates better than previous technologies.

✔️ Reduced consumption: the energy utilization is very low, thanks to the longer battery life.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.