First Italian smart parking site with NB-IoT sensors

With great satisfaction, we celebrate the first month of the first Italian Smart Parking Systems® demonstration site, using the NB-IoT (Narrow Band-Internet of Things) communication technology, able to communicate perfectly with all peripherals in the system.


What is NB-Iot technology?

Narrow Band-IoT is a new frontier of communication between devices using Internet of Things technologies capable of transmitting information on 4G networks.

This technology has evolved within the framework of 3GPP, a collaboration agreement between entities dedicated to the development of unified telecommunication standards.

NB-IoT is considered an evolution of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard, that is, a broadband wireless technology designed to meet increasingly complex communication needs.

One of the most emblematic cases is our mobile phone, which is no longer a device to just call, but has become a powerful device capable of performing more and more advanced features.

The characteristics of systems using NB-IoT are particularly interesting for complex and structured industrial and city environments:

⭕️ they are able to overcome physical obstacles (containers, walls, boxes);

⭕️ they have reduced consumption;

⭕️ they are able to cover a larger number of connected devices.

This is an ideal system for monitoring sensors inside industrial tanks, control cabinets or areas located in large urban spaces obstructed by buildings and infrastructures.

The test field

In collaboration with the largest telecommunications groups we have set up an Italian field test in the parking areas nearby Verona’s outskirts.

➡️ Our technology partners have updated the antennas that surround the Intercomp Headquarters, allowing us to create a concrete demonstration site.

➡️ We have buried our parking sensors into the asphalt and equipped with a hardware solution that can communicate with antennas, using the NB-IoT protocol.

➡️ Our management software platform POLIS has begun to receive the first signs of activity.

➡️ For a month, the flow of data is transmitted uninterruptedly, exploiting the maximum potential of NB-IoT technologies.

➡️ Just few in the world can provide such innovations.

Intercomp produces all smart parking technology entirely in Italy into its Verona technology factory. We are a factory of innovation and the only way to be among the best in the world is to retain expertise and production exclusively in Italy.

Our operators are consistently trained and specialized in:

⭕️ using of new technologies;

⭕️ using of new materials and devices for advanced machining;

⭕️ research for the deposit and development of new patents.

Billboards, gateways, management software, mobile Apps and sensors all boast an Italian craftsmanship, which implies a consistent, but undoubtedly satisfying commitment.

The benefits produced

The benefits produced and tested by using this technology are divided into two categories:

➡️  Speed and power: by using this solution you can easily cover remote, rural and underground areas. It is possible to improve the propagation of the radio signal, even up to +20dB compared to previous technologies.

➡️ Low power consumption: the energy utilization used by NB-IoT sensors can be significantly reduced, with batteries lasting up to 10 times higher than previous technologies.

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.