Digitization of all activities

Smart MarketPlace electronic cards, delivered by Municipality, guarantee the digitization of market-related operations.
How it works
⭕️ Municipality releases the electronic cards to peddlers, according to municipal regulations.

⭕️ Once the peddler gets to his sales stand, he can use the card to register his presence at the Multimedia kiosk.

⭕️ Through the card it is possible to pay directly to the Kiosk and carry out operations in a computerized way.

Advanced market management services


Digitized registration

The peddler inserts the card into the Multimedia Kiosk for registration upon arrival, associating it to its sales area.

He can register himself in a specific market area in totally digital mode according to subscription characteristics established by the Municipality.


Simplification and control

The digitized registration process can completely eliminate the workload that the Office of Commerce has to perform every day.

The system also allows to keep track of payments and subscriptions in an updated and accessible way.

The value of knowledge


Digitized information

The system allows the digitization of all the necessary information as the identifying, the residence, the photography of the peddler as well as co-workers and employees.

It is possible also always to have authorization titles, temporary or permanent, in a digital format.


Simplified controls

Municipal Police will not have to attend all the activities of registration and assignment of sales places, but officers will be able to track them from anywhere through any device.

Police can therefore move more strategically, so as to perform interventions only in case of necessity.

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