Distributors who work with us

An international network of distributors significantly increases the value and diffusion of the system, contributing at the same time to its constant improvement even in extremely different and varied contexts.



InnTeNet is a Cyprus-based company specialized in the field of automation, environmental projects and telemetry.

It deals with technical applications that include intelligent water supply network and leak detection, applications for smart cities, remote control systems, instrumentation and customized industrial applications.

With Smart Parking Systems® InnTeNet consolidates a package of solutions aimed at administrations for the optimization and efficiency of their activities.



Sinalarte is a Portuguese company founded in 1994 that offers various technological solutions in the smart city area.

It is characterized by a strong attention to the urban fabric and its enhancement, through a correct and efficient management of resources related to mobility, lighting and waste disposal.

Our smart parking technologies complete a package of solutions designed to guarantee safety and comfort to users through intelligent signage and sensors.

Water Gas Waste


WGW is a technology provider based in Athens specialized in various aspects of smart cities: transport, water network, monitoring and management, services, key technologies, waste management systems, automatic control systems, development of Narrow Band communication networks.

WGW is based on a PPPP model (public, private and people partnership) in which all the actors are engaged together in development and innovation.

The company’s goal is to combine urban operation and organization with cooperation between different local systems to monitor the performance and optimize processes.

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Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.