Disabled parking management

Today with Smart Parking Systems® administrators and users can manage, book and assign disabled parking bays.

Advanced services for disabled people

Parking reserved for disabled people is a right guaranteed by the State in order to promote a better social and working integration. To exploit this right, a citizen with disabilities must request his CUDE (European Card for Disabled People) which allows them to use the specific dedicated parking areas.


Online permission management

All data collected by a municipality could be merged into our system database, allowing the entitled people to enter automatically into our system.

They will need only to identify themselves once they have parked on the parking bay.


Online parking booking

Using our web systems and mobile App users can book the parking bay where they intend to park.


Bluetooth helps

Technology helps to provide advanced services: the Bluetooth recognition allows users to be automatically recognized by the sensor which communicates with the car or smartphone.


Online authorization

With the mobile App all the authorized users can register their presence once they are in a disabled parking bay. The system automatically matches the parking space type with the authorizing title.


Advanced control

If someone uses a reserved parking bay without being authorized, the system sends an instant alert to the Police who can rapidly intervene.



Using this system, both the users authorized to access the Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) and CUDE owners can be registered in a shared list, to ensure great convenience and ease of travel.

The control becomes automated and digitalized and makes possible for the Police to have a complete view of the areas covered by the system.

The components of the system


It is buried under every kind of road surface and it is precisely designed and set in order to give accurate information in real time about parking lot status free or busy.


Cameras for the smart parking inspection activities on each parking bay. It is a technological evolution designed in order to face new urban necessities.

Mobile App

4Park integrated App Mobile allows to manage payments, booking and authorization for disabled parking areas. It can also drive the user to the parking lot.


Where the data are collected and shared with other peripherical, through radio communication networks that use alternative communication protocols.


Management software which processes all data in real time making them available on any type of terminal for use and consultation by different stakeholders.

⭕️ An advanced system composed by hardware and software solutions combined in a way to provide specific data and services over a specific parking bay.

⭕️ Integration of third-party hardware and software solutions, if already present.

⭕️ Control and management dashboard for all the real time activities connected to disabled parking bays.

⭕️ Alert and notification system to avoid irregular activity on specific parking bays.

✅ All the administrative and executive staff has full control in real time of the activities related to disabled parking bays integrating data among sensors, cameras and ZTL access points.

✅ A tool able to report any irregularity through notifications and alerts, mapping the areas where they occurred.

✅ Possibility to book the parking space through the Mobile App.

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Smart Parking Systems®

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