Chioggia, among the first to use Smart Parking Systems®

Since 2006, Chioggia has started using our parking system. Being pioneers in the transformation of the city has repaid in economic terms and social welfare.

Smart Parking Systems® pioneers

Chioggia is a town of almost 50.000 inhabitants in the South of Venice. Also includes Sottomarina, an area where the population density rises a lot during the summer due to the presence of tourists.
⭕️ Need to optimize parking service by increasing revenues.

⭕️ Make sure that all pay regularly to lower the rates.

They were installed 420 sensors and 34 parking meters managed by the park management software providing usage data and payment.

A terminal application to simplify and clarify the work of the inspectors was implemented.

It was possible to apply application tariff plans by area.

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Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.