The Smart MarketPlace control centre

The Central Server is the mind of the whole system. It reads and interprets all information by distributing it to the various components.
How it works
⭕️ It receives data from various system devices.

⭕️ It processes and interprets the information.

⭕️ It redistributes all the data to all system components, ensuring a constant update.

Advanced market management services


Clouding and security

The system is able to store data and information within storage with unlimited size.

At the same time, it is able to guarantee very high standards of security and backup.


Anonymous storage

The backup of data is performed so as to safeguard user’s privacy against the information manager.

It is not possible to associate a specific data with a name, so as not to invade the privacy of those who interact with the system.

The value of knowledge


Advanced communication

The server’s dialogue with the various peripherals of the system occurs using advanced communication standards, to ensure a constant synchronization of the exchanged information.

The reciprocal exchange takes place in complete safety also with regard to the backup system, in order to avoid the risk of losing data.


Possibility of integration

The technology developed by Intercomp allows the system to easily integrate different types of data, from different devices.

It is also possible to integrate items from third parties, maybe already present, so as to be aggregated into a single source.

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