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International implementations


Over 3,000 parking spaces

One of the largest international implementations in recent years, with over 3,000 parking spaces managed by the system. Pafos Smart Parking app allows users to pay for parking completely digitally.

Smart Parking Systems® Cascais

NB-IoT sensors in Cascais

In Cascais disabled parking lots have been equipped with NB-IoT sensors. They are able to inform users about the availability and contribute to the correct use of these reserved spaces.

La Valletta

Smart parking project in Malta

An implementation created in the context of a project funded by the European Union and designed as a case study to collect and analyse data on smart parking technology, with a view to future extension.

NB-IoT sensors in Dubai

The first installation of NB-IoT (Narrow Band – Internet of Things) Smart Parking Systems® sensors in Dubai, in collaboration with Energy International, Etisalat and RTA (Road and Transportation Authority).

Smart City for citizens

The implementation of smart parking sensors, gateways and variable message panels has helped the Municipality to reduce traffic and increase city efficiency in a strategic and sustainable way.

A small Smart City

Thanks to sensors, gateways and smart parking App, the access to the historic centre has been made easier and less invasive, significantly improving the quality of services and life of citizens.

Sensors in New Caledonia

With the collaboration of Axians Fibrelec we installed sensors that use the LoRaWAN® communication protocol and we supplied at the same time our POLIS management software.

NB-IoT sensors in Greece

The first Greek installation implemented using Smart Parking Systems® sensors with NB-IoT technology (Narrow Band – Internet of Things) capable of communicating with all system peripherals.

NB-IoT sensors in Spain

The first Spanish installation that uses Smart Parking Systems® sensors equipped with Nb-IoT technology (Narrow Band – Internet of Things), more powerful, faster and with reduced energy consumption.

NB-IoT sensors in Austria

The Austrian installation of NB-IoT sensors (Narrow Band – Internet of Things) certifies the increasing diffusion of the Smart City concept, with the implementation of advanced technologies for parking management.

NB-IoT sensors with Nokia

An important collaboration with Nokia to present a demo of Smart Parking Systems® including the NB-IoT sensor (Narrow Band – Internet of Things), POLIS Management software and 4Park App.

Advanced parking system

The search for parking bays reserved for load and unload within the port area, an important logistic and tourist centre in the region, has been optimized thanks to the installation of smart parking sensors.

An efficient smart harbour

The sensors installed in the harbour area are able to facilitate the rotation of the parking bays reserved for vehicles involved in load and unload operations related to logistics, optimizing work times.

A smart parking trial

The test installation of our Smart Parking Systems® has shown the Municipality the way to significantly reduce the parasitic traffic, allowing at the same time an efficient rotation of vehicles looking for a free parking lot.

National implementations

The first smart parking system

In 2005, starting from a test field, we installed our first parking system subsequently extending it to the entire municipality, which saw a significant increase in receipts in a rather short period of time.

An award-winning Smart City

The installation of parking meters and sensors inside the historic centre, together with the development of a dedicated App (TrevisoApp) have allowed Treviso to become a real Smart City.

Pioneers in smart parking

From 2006 the Municipality has started using our system with sensors, parking meters and Management software, succeeding in the application of different tariff plans based on specific city areas.

Integrated smart parking system

A system in which all the components are perfectly integrated: Management software, sensors, App, cameras and parking meters communicate with each other with great effectiveness.

Ponte San Pietro

Smart MarketPlace installation

The management of the city market becomes simple and advanced: all parties involved receive enormous benefits in terms of practicality and time savings dedicated to bureaucratic procedures.

An innovative smart municipality

A smart parking project was born in Cernusco sul Naviglio developed through the synergy between international technological excellence, with the integration of the system between on-street and in-house parking.

Integrated parking system

The implemented sensors integrate perfectly with the existing third-party parking meters, reducing the economic impact for the Municipality and improving the viability in areas with intense traffic.

Smart mobility strategies

Our system has allowed an optimal use of the available parking spaces, increasing the rotation of the parking lots both in the classic parking bays and in the areas reserved for load and unload.

Smart parking pilot test

A pilot test implementation of sensors has shown the Municipality that our system, associated with targeted mobility policies, can be the key element to become a real Smart City.

Smart parking components

We have installed sensors and parking meters without the need to set up road works, favouring the elimination of parasitic traffic in search of free parking bays and increasing the collections for the Municipality.

Integrated smart parking sensors

Smart parking sensors have been installed in order to integrate with existing third-party payment systems, allowing the Municipality to significantly increase the percentage of receipts.

Advanced parking system

Inside an historic centre with a particular architecture, smart parking sensors have been implemented. They are designed in order to be able to communicate effectively with the Management software.

Every installation is a step towards a better world

Experience in the Smart Parking sector is essential to obtain a satisfactory and profitable result for all those who use our system.

⭕️ Thanks to years of experience in research and development we can count on a complete and extremely calibrated system.

⭕️ The idea of developing a complete hardware and software solution was born as a primary requirement right from the first moment of design and development of the solution.

➡️ A complete Smart Parking solution produces a common and widespread benefit, it becomes easily traceable and it can renew itself with great versatility.

➡️ To communicate with a single interlocutor is also a stimulus to optimize the time needed to search for the best strategies for mobility.

Our solution is calibrated to guarantee the satisfaction of people.

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Smart Parking Systems®

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