Smart Parking Systems® in Capo d’Orlando

Capo d’Orlando installs our parking system, integrating it into perfection with existing third-party systems.

A huge collective benefit to Capo d’Orlando with Smart Parking Systems®

Capo d’Orlando is a small town located at the top of the island of Sicily, originally a fishing village and today it has become a famous tourist destination.
⭕️ Thanks to its location, Capo d’Orlando is a town that welcomes many thousands of tourists a year, however extending on a small land area.

⭕️ The need for the Municipality was to integrate our system with the existing solutions, with the priority of ensuring a better service to the citizens.

870 sensors were installed, integrating with third-party payment systems.

The combination of sensors and advanced payment systems has allowed Municipality to increase revenue up to 70%.

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Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.