4Park, 4Bus, 4Business: the App for payments, booking and authorizations

This App allows users to interact with the whole Smart Parking Systems.

It allows to perform a wide range of operations:

✅ pay and book the parking bay;

✅ get specific authorizations (business, touristic busses, disabled);

✅ park the car;

✅ drive towards the free park lot and to virtualize cards and pay the parking.


How it works
⭕️ After the download from App store it is possible to make user’s registration.

⭕️ When the registration is complete the App and its features can be configured in line with user’s needs:

  • cities to use in;
  • cards to virtualize;
  • connected cards for payments.

⭕️ Once configured it is possible to drive to the parking place and to pay, combining with the parking lot number.

Advanced services for citizens


Intuitive App

➡️ The simple and intuitive menu allows to enjoy all the functions that a modern Smart Parking system needs to satisfy.

➡️ It is possible to set up favourite city or cities, select the most popular virtual cards, manage the use of multiple cards at the same time.

➡️ It is also possible to make payments without having any category cards.


Control and management of the parking

➡️ It is easily possible to control and manage active stops in an intuitive way.

➡️ It is possible to end the stay parking, prolong it, or check the charge.

➡️ It is possible to check the way in which the vehicle is parked.


Efficient driving to the park lot

➡️ The Smart Parking App provides real-time detailed mapping of the desired zone with signalling, through coloured “PINs”, the streets where free parking places are present.

➡️ The “PIN” colour (green, yellow or red) intuitively allows to evaluate the areas where it is easier to find parking.


Cards and reservations

➡️ It is possible to managed multiple cards and multiple transactions when family and/or business permissions are used at the same time.

➡️ It also allows to manage the evolving single-place car reservation functions, with destination set to the single parking space.

Functional Apps for users and parking management companies


Clear and immediate payment

The payment is immediate: there is no transaction from App’s management to Municipality or parking management.

So it is possible to create potential tariff policies for specific urban areas.


Simple and efficient verification

The controller can check who has paid or not directly on his terminal, tablet, PC or smartphone.

➡️ There is no need of a visual inspection of any exposed ticket in the car.


Matching with parking bay number

➡️ The matching of the payment to the parking lot number allows to guarantee a complete control of the payments and the on-street parking management.


Why is more convenient than other Smart Parking Apps?
Other Apps, not included in a whole system, while being functional to the user, it is not at all for the parking management company who completely loses control over the transaction.

In fact, the latter must wait for accreditation by the supplier App, must rely on the reporting provided and must sum up the cash flow reported in the statement with the one recorded directly, to have a complete report of the observed period.

It does not have the ability to make full and integrated analysis of the parking because it is not given any information about the parking place used.

Why non-integrated Apps are convenient only for users?
Using other Apps (non-integrated), parking managers and controllers are forced to use different ways of assessment, depending on the number of signed agreements.

Such activity usually begins with:

  • the verification of a sticker placed on the car’s glass, indicating the type of App used by the user to pay for parking services;
  • the utilization of an on-line program control from smartphones or handheld unit;
  • the insertion of a license plate number and, finally, the verification eventually of payment made.

All the steps require the physical presence of the controller and it can’t be performed remotely like it’s possible to do with Smart Parking Systems by Intercomp.

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