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We help municipalities to create a social benefit for all, through parking and public space management



Planned to guarantee an efficient management of all of the activities and all of the problematics that occur during any parking activity: Assessment of the parking, reporting, maintenance and planning.


Our Smart Parking Systems® guarantee an highly parking rotation by offering innovative services which will make everyday life easier for citizens, locals, economic operators and protected categories.


Fully Integrated

A unique way able to control all of the elements, incomes and problematics  which occur on all daily management activities.


Thanks to a fair, ecological and functional use it allows to increase incomes already from the very first day without oppressing the citizens.
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Victory of the international competition

Pafos | Cyprus

The smart parking largest international installation between 2020 and 2021.

Our solution applies to the whole city, all its ecosystem


  • Real-time revenues data
  • Increasing Incomes over 60%
  • Pollution and traffic decrease
  • Dispute defeat

Parking Management Company

  • Total control of parking lot management
  • Tariff flexibility according to the areas
  • Real time data on parking lots, violations, control activities and incomes
  • Scheduling intake operations

Parking Inspectors

  • Easily trackable path to the vehicle in violation
  • Easily trackable daily best path
  • Easily recognition of appropriate hours for checking
  • Minimalization of the required resources for checking vehicles


  • Pay per use
  • Paying with all of the existing methods
  • Virtual cards for special categories
  • Total privacy respect
Check the benefits we have made together with Treviso Municipality

Smart Parking Systems®

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets.