A Smart Parking Systems COMPLETE, EASY to MANAGE and PLEASANT to USE

How it works

This solution can completely manage the on-street parking.

The system consists of some key elements:

⭕️ sensor, parking meter and App providing input data to a central server;

⭕️ a server interpreting data that makes information available for citizens, Municipalities, controllers of parking activities, parking management companies;

⭕️ information available on any type of electronic terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone..).

The components of the system


Buried under every kind of road surface, precisely set in order to give accurate information in real time about parking lot status free or busy.

Parking meter

The Parking meter or alternatively the App provides information to the system, always in real time, relating to the payment or the title that authorizes the user to stop.


Where the data collected from sensors, from parking meters (or from App) are sent, through a radio communication network that uses alternative communication protocols or co-presen.

Management Software POLIS

Processes the data received in real time and makes them available through the Internet network, on any type of terminal PC, Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet, PDA for use and consultation by stakeholders.

App 4Park

It is a fully integrated App that allows to manage payments and virtualized authorization cards. It can also drive the user to the parking lot, activating or deactivating the parking place.

Technologies of communication

The System can be realized by exploiting various networks and communication protocols such as LoRaWAN, Lora INTERCOMP, NarrowBand-IoT.


A proprietary protocol that allows great versatility.


An international protocol, standardization defined by LoRa ALLIANCE.


It is based on optimized networks following the logic of the Low Power Wide Area.

Smart Parking

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets