Smart Parking Systems in Genova

Genova installs Smart Parking Systems, integrating it perfectly with existing third-party systems.

Genova choose our Smart Parking system

Genova is one of the most important Italian harbour, with a city centre of over 580.000 inhabitants. It’s the largest harbour in Italy, with one of the greatest amount of shipping lines in all Mediterranean Sea.


⭕️ The need for the Municipality was to install an advanced parking system into an area with critical road mobility and heavy car traffic in different time periods.

⭕️ The system must be integrated with the parking meters already installed in the city, in order to decrease the final cost of the project.


 323 sensors using a LoRa communication protocol, perfectly integrated with third-party parking meters, allowing the system to give detailed analysis about city mobility.

In this way the parking manager can promote policies of sustainable mobility.

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