Management Software POLIS, the uniqueness of our system

The powerful processing tool that analyzes information collected by the system and summarizes it making it available to all stakeholders: Public Administration, parking management company, controller of parking activities, end users.

How it works

⭕️ The software is one of the main parts of Smart Parking system because it can analyze and manage all input data entering in the system in real time.

⭕️ Information are available on any type of terminal PC, Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet, PD and they can be distributed and customized for one specific stakeholder.

⭕️ Every information is saved, about car lots and about the activities of the system’s stakeholders, like parking controllers.

Advanced services for citizen



Advanced analysis system

➡️ The POLIS Software Management provides parking information, violation, sanctioning built and revenues, continuously in real time.

➡️ From the terminal is possible to get information about the cash management and reporting activities.

➡️ Creation of specific alert messages to the maintenance department, notified on smartphone or other terminals.


Optimizing verifications

➡️ Smart Parking system allows to show the controller the way towards the vehicle in violation.

➡️ It is possible to find the ideal way to make the assessment activities as efficient as possible.

It will then possible to direct the activities in those areas and in time periods in which the ongoing violations are greater.

Benifit for Municipalities, parking management companies, users and controllers.


Minimizing resources, maximizing results

Creation of the best ideal ways for time periods and areas of violations.


Creation of policies for mobility

Thanks to the great quantity of input data it is possible to realize specific policies for mobility.


Complete control on parking meters cash.

➡️ The system allows a complete control on every single unit’s cash in real time.

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